Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corruption improved

At the unveiling of the 2008 Corruption Perception Index, which measures the level of corruption taking place in a country, Malaysia scored 5.1 last year.

"This shows that there are a number of countries that have progressed much better than us," said Transparency International (Malaysia) president Ramon Navaratnam.

Navaratnam was referring to Singapore, which topped the list in South East Asia with a score of 9.1. Overall, the island state was placed fourth among 180 countries assessed.

By comparison, Malaysia came out 47th in the overall list, compared to 36th placing it secured in 2001 when the index had surveyed only 91 countries.

Source: Malaysiakini

Dear Tan Sri Navaratnam, you cannot compare Malaysia with Singapore; it's like comparing rotten apple and Washington apple. We should compare with Thailand (3.5), Vietnam (2.7), Indonesia (2.6), the Philippines (2.3), Cambodia (1.8) and Burma (1.3). We are much much better than many countries. Malaysia is still No: 47 out of 180 countries.

In fact Malaysia thrives on a crony culture. Corruption can be a necessity to induce efficiency and effectiveness. It also helps to promote muhibbah and tolerances. It also help to improve the NEP and Malay Agenda. However, it should not be over the table; under table is still okay lah.

In fact our corruption index could have improved further if we baptised the act and renamed it as commission, finding fees, agency fees, consultancy fees, or any other name that is more delighting and satisfying. The Chinese needs kautim, kangtau, close-one-eye, entertainment and win-win partnership. Those who are not businessmen may not understand lah!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mav
Let said, BA govern this country
To what target Nuar & Compnay targeting !
They must be claer KPI to be set and the measurment shll be carried out in systematic approach to ensure we align to what we said.
We always criticize BN that corroni and corruption but we forget that BA weakness too.

Let be BA the one to make such efforts that others can be inspired to follow BA sample.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maverick

I'm not agread to ur statement
We cannot compared with Sing !
Why cannot
When we talk about development we always compare to Sing but when come to corruption , we cannot compare to Sing ..... Radiculous man

Rotten apple or Washitan apple .... both are apple . No doubts. The question is due to soil , the aple taste s duffrent and not bcz of washiton people effort. This is nature , beyong our control ...... same goes to corruption index. When someone did study and publish the result, don't question , accpeted it.
The question is how does the survey conducted and what are criteria used to define the result. In case if Annuar Ibrahim become PM . id the indesx shows good result, did u question it . Definately Not ... bcz u like the person and u will support the result. It is not the result but it is the person who u like.
Now u don't like Pak Helah so u will not accept the result.

Pls be more propesional in term of judging a people.

Pure Malaysian

Yan said...

You have a good sense of humour!

two-face said...

Change of government 16 Sept 2008.

Another change of government 23 Sept 2008.

Cakap Serupa Bikin? No, Mav?

Maverick SM said...


BA hasn't ruled and cannot have any measurement system to publish.

Pure Malaysian,

Yes, I sud b more propesional in terms of judging a people.

But I wonder which portion of my article did I judge "a people"? tell me, please!!!


Thank you. At least there is one person who loves humour. Or, maybe, my writing wasn't humourous at all.

Maverick SM said...


Change of govt is not easy. Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Thailand are good examples. The incumbent will not give up any ground without scorching the earth.

two-face said...


Who says to change government is easy? But it is not hard making empty promises.

Shall we wait for 13 October?

toolan said...


Love the way you put it..."Malaysia thrives on a crony culture". Ha ha ha where would we be without it right!

NEP, yes the mother of all policies, with it we are all so happy here, we make ends meet, our kids will have to live by just passing Form 6 as they will not get a place in local Uni's. This country is really great, don't you think so?
Well, unless you are related to Uncle Lim, YTL or Vincent Tan, you would be like the rest of us here making comments and blogging!!

hasilox said...

What is the alternative of not changing the government? There is little effort to improve, only more greed and idiocies to make it worse.

Without purging the parasites, there is no chance for productive leaders to emerge. Kick BN out so that it can cleanse itself to produce good leaders. BeepEnd

CK said...

humour is a scarse talent. keep on mav.

Anonymous said...

pre-merdeka days till late 70's Taukeh's culture, early 80's till now NEP's culture. Later PR's culture like Penang.

La Cha Mau said...

Those of you who do not agree and/or dispute Maverick's findings can be forgiven as we believe they are in the same league as Luiz Scolari and Juande Ramos. Their Ingrish maybe not so good, no? That's why they no quite understand the beauty of Maverick's post. It's a CLASSIC piece of writing par excellence which Datuk Syed Hamid Albar should study in-depth to fathom its meaning.

pancaroba said...

rasuah boleh datang dalam pelbagai bentuk.dari rasuah kecik sampai lah yang besar.

macamamana hendak hapuskan rasuah?senang je sebenarnya.SEMUA pihak kena tolak rasuah.ini kalau setakat pihak yang mengamalkan rasuah lebih ramai dari yang anti-rasuah memang susahlah.

apapun harap BPR akan lebih proaktif untuk menurunkan indeks korupsi negara.

youth attack said...

corruption is a Malaysia is in the 47th place.we dont wanna Malaysia to fall down more.

everyone should participate to curb this diseases.the cure is easy actually but it's up to us to make the initial move.

some people only think about and some other more think about integrity.some peope think about gaining more and some other think about the safety of them self and their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

it's the rakyat who is not helping to change the corruption level in malaysia. everyone just want to settle with the corrupt people in power. how to clean up ?? in order to clean up, must clean up the root cause of the problem. if all rakyat stop giving, then the receiver will die. so, guys, its all up to you all rakyat. talk laud, but no action. cakap tak serupa bikin

Anonymous said...

it's the leader that must take the action first, not the rakyat. if the leader themselves are corrupted, there will be no end to this.

imagine the PM had a hand in ACA cases? well what more can you expect of other ministers and common rakyat. Law will never able to touch you if you are with the 'right connection' mentality.

Don't expect us to improve corruption when the leaders don't lead a good example.

invisible_villain said...

corruption! corruption! corruption! tis is human nature... when there is demand, there will be supply and vice versa. Tats how human developed from system barter to the era of using money. "Money is not everything, without $$, u get nothing"

kevin said...

I agree with invisible_villain that when there is demand, there will be supply and vice versa. But malay people needs to improve their corruption rate like they are improving from last few years. It will also effect malaysian economy.

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toolan said...

kevin - Not just our Malay brothers are corrupted, Chinese and Indians as well as long as they are part of a "loop" and they gain something out from the "loop". We need to break that loop, that is the most important...

Maverick SM said...


13 Oct will come and pass as a non-event.


It is fortunate that not many are related to Uncle Lim, YTL or Vincent Tan; otherwise my blog will have no commenters. hehehe


Kicking BN out will not end the unproductive system. It is ingrained and calcified. I doubt if Anwar can make it any better.


Thank you. I am please to have another great supporter of this fun.

La Cha Mau,

Thank you. You said the sweetest words for me and get me sexited.hehehe. Thank you so so so very much!!!


Kenapa nak hapuskan rasuah? Sebenarnya masaalah bukan rasuah. Masaalah negara kita ada lah berkiatan dengan adat.

youth attack,

There is no cure for corruption for as long as we do not understand the profundity of the subject matter and its underlying philosophies.


You are half right.


Corruption has nothing to do with skin color; whether you are Malay, Chinese or Indians or Mat Salleh.


Your answer to kevin is profound.