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The Inferior Supremacists

I was dropping by at Aisehman's blog and there was a posting that caught my attention : Infernal Inferiority.


I suggest you read it, if you want to understand the world view of Malays with inferiority complex, or what I call the Malay Inferiorists.

You know, it is wrong to call these people Malay supremacists, because you are only a supremacist if you believe in the superiority of your race.

But Umno Melayus and their like believe that the Malays are weak, that’s why they need all those privileges and so-called “rights” over other races.

So if you believe you race is weak, how can you be described as a supremacist?

Malay Inferiorists always look down on Malays like me who call for equality.

I do not know how it is possible for people with an inferiority complex to “look down” on people who are self-confident.


This article provide a link to another article at Utusan Malaysia entitled: Ancaman kepada Melayu

I would like to quote the passage as quoted in Aisehman's blog:

UTUSAN MALAYSIA: Sekarang ini ada pula Melayu liberal yang juga mahu supaya diwujudkan kesamarataan?

DR. SHAM RAHAYU: Kelompok ini yang menjadi racun, saya sebut ini adalah Melayu yang makan Melayu, Melayu yang menjadi racun kepada Perlembagaan.

Tidak mustahil mereka yang mencetuskan semua ini.

Mereka yang nak jadi juara memperjuangkan hak sama rata, tanpa memahami sejarah Perlembagaan secara semangatnya.

Mereka melihat Perkara 153 itu seolah-olah membawa pandangan buruk kepada Melayu, mereka rasa keistimewaan itu macam bantuan kepada orang cacat, benda yang buruk kepada orang Melayu.

Ini menjadikan orang memijak Perlembagaan.

Mereka ini tali barut yang menjadikan Perkara 153 dan orang Melayu sendiri bencikan keistimewaan Melayu.

Kita tidak menafikan perkembangan mutakhir ini menunjukkan wujud dua Melayu iaitu Melayu liberal dan Melayu Perlembagaan. [Mingguan Malaysia]

I like to quote one passage of the interview:


Apakah peruntukan Perkara 153 dalam Perlembagaan itu keterlaluan melindungi orang Melayu sehingga menjejaskan bangsa-bangsa lain?

DR. SHAM RAHAYU: Kalau kita mengkaji Suruhanjaya Reid, ia mengatakan kalau kita mengambil hak Melayu secara tidak terancang ia boleh meruntuhkan pembinaan bangsa dan negara. Atas sebab itu saya tidak bersetuju jika ada pihak mengatakan bahawa Perkara 153 memberi kelebihan melampau kepada orang Melayu.

Ini kerana sistem tersebut mesti bergerak dengan hak-hak munasabah terhadap bangsa lain. Suruhanjaya Reid merujuk salah satu terma Perlembagaan ialah menjaga kedudukan Melayu dan Islam serta menjaga hak-hak munasabah terhadap bangsa lain, jadi apabila kita menjaga kepentingan Melayu ini tidak bermakna kita mengabaikan bangsa lain. Untuk membina sebuah negara yang aman dan damai serta mewujudkan kestabilan politik kita memerlukan kesaksamaan dan keadilan.


You can read the full interview here



moo_t said...

"Apakah peruntukan Perkara 153 dalam Perlembagaan itu keterlaluan melindungi orang Melayu sehingga menjejaskan bangsa-bangsa lain?"

I afraid the issue are more serious than "affecting other race". Because Malay itself are also weaken in the progress.

Fascism always talk about their roles of "guardian of the people". But we know what very well of the substances.

There is no different between the superiority and fascism. Except people fall for it refuse to admit it.

Anonymous said...

i dont expect anything less after the brainwashing from BTN. Its sickening.

Maverick SM said...


The fundamental essence is about jurisprudence and the law of natural justice.

Purple Haze said...

The excerpts seem to show that Dr Sham is viewing Article 153 from a Malay point of view instead of a Malaysian point of view.

As an academic, she probably should have voiced the alternate view as well but since it is Utusan, the editors probably exercised their prerogative to publish their world view.

Therein lies the problem.

Anonymous said...

Two way to get over this racial baloney...

One is for the alternative front to form the next government.

2nd more realistic option - MCA/MIC/Gerakan should stop 'squatting' in BN.


Anonymous said...





Maverick SM said...

Purple Haze,

You have a great observation. We have to accept a unilateral viewpoint.


I do not agree. My opinion is BN could correct it and makes Malaysia a better place for everyone. The problem is the lack of political will power and corruption.


Ya, you could be right. You should join Umno and kick them out. Sadly, you are not, and unable except to croak around brainlessly.

Zahar said...

To anyone who still dreams that there is such an utopia as Malaysian Malaysia, please go and see how Malays are treated in, for e.g. hardware business when they buy from a Chinese supplier, or getting supplies from Chinese businessmen for construction business, and explain to me, logically, why disparity in prices exist between selling to another Chinese contractor and selling to a Malay contractor.

To the Malays who want the "level" playing field and do away with Article 153, just stand outside a grocery shop owned by a Malay businessman and a Chinese owned grocery shop. See how many Chinese enter the Malay owned shop to buy anything.

To any prospective job seeker, non-Chinese, have a look at the job advertisements in Chinese owned companies, and read how many of them have this phrase: "Mandarin-speaking candidates preferred." And if it so happens you're somehow proficient in Mandarin too, tell me if you were successful in your job application to that company.

What I'm saying is, disparities do exist, even until today and to be idealistic and think they will just disappear as if by magic, because one kemaruk guy says it will once he becomes PM, then you are living in a fantasy land.

For the last 51 years, BN with UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan and the East Malaysia parties have managed to make Malaysia peaceful, safe, economically strong, and all with whatever policies were in place since Independence.

However, it is only lately that we see groups like Hindraf, DAP and the Malaysian Bar proclaiming loudly that racism is being practiced and somehow the Malays are at the root of all this evil.

Please, Think!

Maverick SM said...
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Anonymous said...





BTW, Mike Summers wants to share...

" Satan loves instigating irrational arguments because they can never be resolved. They are a misdiagnosis of the real problem.

The "race problem" is a tangent, which, though it seems real, ends up taking one on a trip into infinity.

What can anyone possibly do about their genetic heritage--not a thing.

What's more these arguments often end in hostility and violence.

If Satan can convince you that you have to defend your right to exist, then he has given you the makings of one very big inferiority complex.

Satan really relishes getting men to argue about "nothing." That keeps them from seeing what a real turkey he is.

Because everything that God creates is very good (for the purpose he made it) there can be no "race problem."

There never was one and there never will be one.

Since God says He created the human race, our existence is authored by Him.

God set in motion the biological process that results in the variety of human life.

God said, "...Be fruitful and multiply." People did. Now, is there a problem with that?

God says that man is in His image--not some artificially defined man-made idea called "race."

As long as anyone in the image of God is persecuted anywhere on this earth for reasons beyond their control, we must care. More importantly, God cares.

People are suppose to be more important to us than our "silly" ideas. If our ideas conflict with someone else's life we need to toss them out.

Those that strongly think miscegenation is wickedly wrong are playing into the hands of Satan.

Only he could be behind the vocal and hateful criticism of someone made in the image of God.

Unfortunately, he has deceived some of God's own people in to pushing his propaganda!

Make no mistake, Satan hates humans with a passion. He will stop at nothing to persuade us to destroy each other.

Someday soon the nations will see him for what he is--a hateful evil being.

In the mean time those who want to stay deceived can always do as Adolph Hitler did--persuade others to help them exterminate all the "impure defects" and delude themselves into thinking they do God a service.

Think! None of us could have asked to exist before we were born.

Therefore, we are not responsible for our existence.

Neither did God tell us to go about playing god by spouting off who has a right to exist and who doesn't.

Such arrogance is unbelievable! God created everyone of us!

The "race problem" is an illusion in our mind. As such it is an individual "problem."

Few people realize that when they look at another human being and see something other than someone made in the image of God they are looking at their own deep seated prejudices and hatreds.

We need to sweep our mind of this baloney! If I do not love you, I do not love God.

The problem is in the mind. That's where it needs to be dealt with.

What is a logical, truth loving individual supposed to think when he is presented with arguments about the validity of his or another's existence?

Surely, if all the "races" were where they belonged surely there would be no "race" problem.

Again the deception is subtle. If there is no "race" problem--why do people hate?

Human nature is the problem--not race.

We need to give up this silly man made ideas about race.

We need to ask ourselves, what is wrong with a person looking the way they do?

What is wrong with a person having the characteristics they have?

If you are honest with yourself you will come to the same conclusion I came to: Human beings are miracles--each one of them.

There is nothing wrong with them just because they exist.

We need to like people because of their infinite variety and more importantly because our wonderful God says to.

Essentially, racism is criticism of God's creativity.

If we continue to spread Satan's propaganda about "race" we are going to have answer to God.

Let's not criticize God."

hasilox said...

What kinda mentality can we expect from the students if the mentors are of such quality? The way I see it is that the seed of inferiority are planted for political manipulation.

Time to get rid of all such nonsensical 'politicians' from all institutions, be they sports or academics. Don't let the blind lead the innocence anymore.

Jefus said...

how can a race purportedly superior, harp continuously on the same issues, reject intellectual discourse, and insist on more prosthetics?

why do u think Oscar Pistorious want to run on the normal Olympics? a level playing field remember?

Maverick SM said...


The Chinese, Indian, Malay, Mat Salleh and any businessmen will sell you anything as long as you pay. If you pay cash, you can get discounts; if you buy in bulk and pay cash, you get better discounts. These businessmen do not care about your skin color; they want money to trade with you.

What has this got to do with Article 153? Article 153 is about scholarships and business licence and training. It seems you are conjuring Article 153 as a special rights to buy things from others without the need to pay or to pay lesser than others; or is it that you think it is about a right to have all sorts of privileges?

Disparities exists in each and every race, each and every families and amongst every human. We are born with disparities and I am born in a poor family too. But that does not mean I can go out and claim other peoples job or property in order to be equal.

Your examples given are obnoxious and perplexing. If a Chinese businessmen is not educated and his accounts and books are written in Chinese language, of course he would prefer to employ someone who can read and write in Chinese. If an Arab only can read in Arabic and is doing business in Malaysia he would need to employ someone who can read Arabic and understand his instruction. The same goes to Indians and Europeans. So what has that got to do with choice of a language; it is business efficacy.

If you are going to work in China, you have got to learn Mandarin. The Americans and Europeans who are in China learned Mandarin. And if they come to Malaysia they would learn Bahasa Malaysia too.

I can tell you this: Go to any hardware shop and show your cash and and they would happily sell you whatever you wish to buy irrespective of your skin color - the color of commerce and business is the Ringgit. It doesn't matter if you are a Chinese contractor or Malay contractor; you are cognitively disillusioned.

Regarding the grocery shops or restaurants, go and see for yourself with an open mind; people eat whatever they wished and they pay for it; irrespective the shop is Mamak, Malay restaurant or Chinese. Of course you don't see Muslims eating at non-Halal eateries but you can see Chinese dining at Muslim restaurant. I often eat at Malay restaurants and I do not expect Muslims to eat at Chinese Restaurant as the food is not halal.

Zahar, I felt sad that you cannot discern between realities of business and societal matters such as the constitutional provisions and human rights. It can be observed that you tried to connect commerce and capitalism with politics and social concerns.

Oh, Please think! I wonder if you would; but I would!

Moo... said...

What Malay supremacists???

The Umnoputras are very smart by using the above as an excuse to enrich themselves.

Maverick SM said...


If you do some insightful research and mass observation we will realise that the class-syndrome is much perpetuated. Trust, the very essence of harmony and prosperity is absent and the wicked-eye syndrome is ingrained. What a sad tale.


The problem lies with the political set-up and the elements of greed, power and crazy.


Let's leave that phrase aside; otherwise we are trotting into a new sphere.

Anonymous said...

Listen to yourselves, first you call us racist and fighting for racial supremacy. Now you say we have inferiority complex.

Don't judge a community by the behavoir of a few. Just like I don't judge indian or chinese by those who talk big here. But I'd catergorize and tolerate them. That's just being human. We all racist at heart!

However, I still believe that those people who talk shit here should be shot like a dog. Irrespective Malay, Chinese or Indians.

Because neither my Chinese nor Indian friends are reflective of those who post comments here. And they should not suffer the consequences of the few who are quick to shoot off their mouth.

kulitpisang said...

UMNO tak Rasis!

Ketua UMNO Bahagian Bukit Bendera, Datuk Ahmad Ismail, didakwa berkata, orang Cina adalah pendatang yang menumpang di Malaysia dan oleh itu mereka boleh mengharap mendapat layanan sama rata.

Ini di petik dari laporan Kenyataan ini telah di bantah oleh UMNO sendiri sebagai bukan suara UMNO. Pemuda DAP (Dapsy) telah membuat laporan polis di Perak, Selangor, Melaka, Pulau Pinang dan Negeri Sembilan. Tindakan membuat laporan polis juga di buat oleh MCA dan Gerakan.

Datuk Ahmad Ismail memberitahu bahawa beliau tidak akan memohon maaf walaupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah berbuat demikian.

Sebaliknya, kata Ahmad, beliau tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan.

Ini merupakan reaksi pertamanya sejak tercetusnya kontroversi itu minggu lalu, ekoran ceramahnya sewaktu pilihanraya kecil parlimen Permatang Pauh yang didakwa telah menyinggung perasaan masyarakat Cina negara ini.

Menurut Ahmad, beliau tidak berkata atau melakukan sebarang kesalahan, dan oleh itu, tiada sebab baginya untuk memohon maaf.

Katanya, beliau akan mengadakan sidang akhbar khas di bangunan Umno Pulau Pinang Sabtu ini berhubung isu tersebut.

Sidang akhbar itu akan diadakan selepas mesyuarat badan perhubungan Umno negeri yang akan dipengerusikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Sambil menafikan bahawa kenyataannya itu berbaur perkauman, Ahmad berkata, beliau berkawan dengan orang Cina dan India sejak kecil lagi.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, beliau tidak pernah dan tidak akan menjadi seorang yang bersifat perkauman.

Ahmad turut mengecam laporan media yang menuduh beliau mengelak daripada bertemu dengan wartawan dan jurugambar yang menunggunya di luar balai polis Seberang Perai Pusat di Bandar Baru Perda sejak dua hari lalu.

“Saya tidak minta mereka tunggu. Jadi mengapa mereka tuduh saya lari dari mereka?” soalnya.

Ahmad telah memberi kenyataan di balai polis negeri di Georgetown malam tadi, ekoran beberapa laporan yang telah dibuat terhadapnya.

Kes tersebut disiasat mengikut Seksyen 4 (1)(B) Akta Hasutan 1948 yang membawa hukuman denda tidak lebih RM5,000 dan penjara minimum tiga tahun, atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Anonymous said...


then join MCA, and take the party out. Sadly, you are not, and unable except to croak around brainlessly.

Zahar said...

maverick, thanks for responding.

Sorry but I disagree. The entire raison d'etre for NEP/DEB, which is ultimately based on Article 153, is due to economic concerns, specifically the disparity of making a living which exists between the non-Bumi and the Bumi.

You brought up a rather funny point about businessmen going to China and having to learn Mandarin, however you still see nothing wrong with Chinese businessmen living in Malaysia as citizens yet clinging on to using Mandarin as their language of commerce. You even defend them by saying since these poor illiterate businessmen can only speak Mandarin and keep their books in Mandarin, so we must all give them a break because they are so helpless. :)

What I am saying is not that it is good or bad, I'm pointing out that we are each unique in our own racial identities.

There is no way our so-called kemaruk savior will be able to wave a magic wand and make everyone equal and everything fine and dandy. It takes time, and patience as well as the Malay aptitude for being welcoming to others, to the detriment of our own selves.

Anonymous said...


you must learn what is good, even if it's from other races. And I am saying learning Mandarin is good for you, go learn it.

Just like we have learned Bahasa. If Malays would learn new languages like Mandarin or Tamil, I am sure that you can even find a job in a Chinese shop. I certainly want to hire someone that can speak a few languages to entertain my customer rather than just Malay, cos what about my Chinese customer then?

even the westerner are flocking to learn Mandarin in own countries, despite their lack of interaction with Chinese. But they know there are great potential for them to use it and leverage in future.

Perpaduan comes both way, we learn from each other and take what is good. The bad, we can forget about it, so what if the good comes from Chinese or India? so what? even the Quran says you can learn Chinese to increase your knowledge. But why so many Malay never follow.

I had always laughed at our education for racial harmony, cos it is always one way style. Other races always have to learn what the Malay is doing, songkok, bahasa etc...

Nothing wrong with learn something from Malay, but the problem starts when it becomes one way, cos we will always go to the path of western thinking and modern development, while you want to go towards the Arab mentality.

And perpaduan in your eyes, means that we must go along your path, which is harder for us now, and it will only get even worse. If you had learn from us, and see why we want to learn from western minds and our roots, you would have known that it's not bad after all. Not that I am asking you to abandon religion or something, but what I am saying is to learn things in a different way, while keeping your values.

Chinese and India comes from a culture far more develop and advance from the Malays. Do remember this.

look at China, in a short pan of 30 years, it has potential to rival US in economy. After Mao death, China economy is in ruins, Deng XiaoPing had to restart it from scratch. Yet after 50 years, we cannot even develop our own car engine.

Do you even know all these world history? Malay inferiority complex began when they refuse to follow Quran and learn new things. It is so sad, most spend all their life reading a book, but don't follow what it does.

Only than can we develop harmony, don't care what race, just take what is good. and develop our my race - the Malaysia race.

even Singapore is trying hard to develop a Singaporean, and trying to define a Singaporean nationality. But here we are still having the typical racial mindset stuff.

ORIS said...

this Article 153 thing; would the Malays be successful economically and educationally with satisfactory benchmark if they live in lands, say Tanzania or Kenya or better still, Timor Timor where the natives thinking are like Malays in Malaysia?

or the Malays in the worst 3rd world countries would be worst off than Malays in Malaysia....

the chances are with current mindset, they would be much worst!

food for thought... Article 153!

ORIS said...

this Article 153 thing; would the Malays be successful economically and educationally with satisfactory benchmark if they live in lands, say Tanzania or Kenya or better still, Timor Timor where the natives thinking are like Malays in Malaysia?

or the Malays in the worst 3rd world countries would be worst off than Malays in Malaysia....

the chances are with current mindset, they would be much worst!

food for thought... Article 153!

moo_t said...

This country has more imminent problem to solve and Article 153 are not helpful at all.

This article in place 50 years ago. And 50 years ago, Malaysia has no idea what is "global village", WTO. European Union is "mission impossible'. And many people think USSR will be forever, and East Germany will be separate from West Germany.

And many people still avoid to discuss how Malaysia transit to oil import country, how AFTA affect us, how globalisation affect us. The article does not withstand the test of time and globalisation.

Article 153 cannot protect one race from culture inferiority. In fact, it can't catapult the race achieve flying color in science,literature, economy and even the spirits.

moo_t said...

Zhang Zi Dong (1837~1909), a Chinese office during Ching dynasty in China, has speak similar criticism of "liberalism".

He say "The talk of liberalism and democracy will lead to havoc. Because people will seize opportunities to overturn government, take advantages of others. "

History prove he is wrong. Today, Bolehland yet another "so call" scholar didn't realise she is repeat the 100 years speech.

Anonymous said...

thailand is going into similar path, an elected PM is about to be overthrown.

his opposition says that the rural people that has supported him is less than 'knowledgeable to vote'. Thus the election earlier is void, so they said.

i cannot believe what has happened to democracy, and people openly going into a dictatorship states, and if they realised that they are being manipulated.

Anonymous said...

hai 2 all......
i tink d org asli more deserved to hav artkl 153. cuz they r d landlords....


Anonymous said...

hai 2 all......
i tink d org asli more deserved to hav artkl 153. cuz they r d landlords....


Anonymous said...

Saya Khir Toyo sangat kaya. Ada botox juga, bagaimana dengan kamu? UMNO bantu saya jadi kaya dengan rasuah hahahahah. Bayarlah cukai kamu kepada sayaa.

Anonymous said...

Pada saya kite kene fahami perlembagaan persekutuan tu betul2...benda ni tak boleh dipersoalkan..kite dah dapat kesamarataan dari dulu lagi tanpa kita sedar..pada golongan yang selalu menindas..anda tak pernah baca kontrak sosial ke??..beruntunglaa kite berade di bumi Malaysia yang aman damai ni..kalau nak cakap pasal agama, tgk laa yg BASIC dulu....baru boleh pertikai..salam..