Sunday, September 21, 2008

Innovation & Creativity

In today's world of global competition, innovation and creativity are the basis for continuously sustaining business and survival of the fittest.

According to Tom Peters, there are two ways for organizations to create and sustain superior performance over the long haul. First, is to take exceptional care of your customers via superior service and superior quality. Second, is constant innovation.

Latest innovation for camera:

Limited edition. First come, first serve.

Made in Malaysia?



toolan said...

Hi Mav,

Agree on "superior service and quality"....this is the basis and will ensure the continuity of the company. But this requires lots of money and time which alot of businessman are not keen to invest anymore. They want fast results.
I am not too sure about constant innovations....why? Coz that is basically like what most China products is like this days, they change and copy others so fast until a point it lacks quality, making China products as inferior goods, and I must say they are!(eventhough I am buying I am trading China products).

Anonymous said...

i love thisss

Maverick SM said...


I am perplexed when you referred that innovation and creativity need lots of money. I think you probably are viewing innovation in a different perspective.

Copying of others isn't innovation and speed has nothing to do with quality. Inferior products are due to quality and competency.


You love the innovation or the person in the picture? hehehehe

Avatar said...


Dan-yel said...

Oh anybody thinks he's going to invent such camera please give me a call in abt 4 yrs time so I can do your patenting... :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

This camera works on men too right?

Ohhhhh me likey. Me likey very much.

bayi said...

Got more advanced version for the camera or not? You know what I mean lah! :)

Anonymous said...

more advance version will only show bones, uewk!

toolan said...

HI Mav,

Yeah, I am looking from mktg point of view as no matter how high tech or good the product is, if it does not reach the consumer's "head" and stick in their mind, the product won't sell, no matter how good one can claim it to be. So, these requires heavy investment in A&P eg.these figures are old but in 2002 or so, Samsung(M) invest RM1M just for advert. As for creativity, you mean R&D I presume. R&D will also require tremendous amount of funds to maintain these group of "creative" people to keep trying innovating their products and to keep it up to date.
As for copying, I agree that it is not innovation but that is how it all started by first copying, eg. back 30 years ago, Japan started to emerges for their A/V, electrical and automotive products, they were also labelled most of the time as "copy cats" and as inferior but as times passes, they have the money and changed mindset, products begin improve, innovate and so did quality. This goes the same for Taiwan, Korea and now China.
I might be wrong as I am from the A/V and electrical products industry, so I might be looking one sided perspective but as far as in our industry, these was how things went lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mave,

That's just what I needed for my previous mammary research!

On a serious note, staying in front of the pack with constant innovative breakthrough cost tons of money even if it's just a different way of marketing a service or product. What will happen is that the competitors will thank you for opening up new segment of the consumer pie thus saving them serious moolah!

Been there, done that, got the dammed t-shirt!


Anonymous said...

to strive & sustain perpetual growth all company or country will needs the 3i's...

to imitate, to improvise & ability to innovate.

whether on its product, tangible asset, methodology or strategy.


La Cha Mau said...

Wow! Maverick, you sure keep pace with the times as this new innovation technique can get people into lots of trouble. How so? See the cover of the latest VIBE Magazine.They digitally removed all of CIARA's clothes to make her look nude on their cover and she is now taking them to Court hopefully also to digitally removed all their assets. said...

Very Creative i must say!!.