Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Japan Prime Minister resigns

Japan prime minister, Yasuo Fukuda, suddenly announced his resignation after less than a year in office Monday.

Fukuda, in a hastily arranged evening news conference, said he was stepping down to avoid a "political vacuum" as the deeply troubled government heads into a special parliamentary session later in the month.

"I felt that we must particularly stress the importance of the economy," Fukuda said in the nationally televised address. "If it will help even a little bit to make the parliamentary session go smoother, I decided that it might be better for someone other than me to be in the lead."

Source: Malaysian Insider

Japan prime minister would step down if he believed that it can help even a little bit to make the parliamentary session go smoother to address the economic problem. Fukuda said his decision to resign was because he thinks it is better for someone else to lead the nation through the difficult times.

The Japanese leaders always have the nation at heart. Self sacrifice is their culture and values.

We have a lot to learn. Our values: greed, power and position - self-gratification and blame those who are successful.

"... people in our society at least unconsciously hold the conviction that someone else's success limits their own, makes them lesser, and puts a permanent lid on their own chances. The world believes in finite resources and in everybody's guilt. As long as we adhere to these pernicious beliefs, we will not only fail to let others shine, but we will never be able to allow ourselves to shine fully either."

-- Marianne Williamson


SOS said...

The Japanese PM has a great sense of accountability to the nation. If he cannot perform to expectations, then he makes way for some who has the confidence of the Parliament.

Here we hog on to positions, no matter what. This is the greatest reform yet if we want to change.

Jefus said...

"When taking into consideration that the lives of the public come first, we must not create a political vacuum by political horse-trading," Fukuda said. "On this occasion, we must promote policies with a new lineup — that is my conclusion and I have decided today to resign."

link here

some even commit seppuku, care to go for another round of posting on ethics? he he he, ......

tarak ethics la,.....

Anonymous said...

Japanese concept is simple
" Promise what u can do & Do what u promised"
and not like M'sian politican (BA & BN)Either BN leader (Pak Lah) or BA leader (Anwar) , both are looking for their needs

Don't compare apple and orrange (Malaysia & Japan)

toolan said...

Morning Mav,

We do not know the real reson for his resignation but he should be given the benefit of doubt and that he is doing it in the interest of Japan and it's people.
This shows what it means by country's interest above self interest and how we Malaysians wish that our PM and his gang of UMNO mafias have some resemblance and heart of this Japanese PM. He admits that he is not the better person to lead the country in current global economy turmoil and is willing to allow other that is more capable to bring Japan pass this difficult era.

youth attack said...

i still believe that resigning is not the best option of all although it's one of many options.

Japan Prime Minister frequently keep changing and still the problem in their interal affair keep on existing.

we can look the act of resigning in two different way.it's either really the leader honest to his/her statement that there should be another person to fill in his/her position or he/she just wanna to runaway and dont wanna have anything to do with any problem whatsoever.

we expect our leaders to have ethic as japanase but why not we normal citizens also follow the good example set by the japanese or working and social culture?.if we talk about ethic but still we cant follow rule as simple as not to throw rubbish as where you wish then set ourself straight first before condemning anyone else.

Moo... said...

Our values: greed, power and position - self-gratification and blame those who are successful.

Not to miss out the ketuanan thingy and special rights of the few elites.

moo_t said...

IMHO, this not education alone, it is about culture. Even 95% of the student score high in civic exam, if our society still refuse to fix the inequality mindset in the culture, the society will keep dividing.

As country in Japan, after WWII, the people knew the leader are dispensable. Even large cooperate with asset 1000 times more than many Malaysia GLC combine, their CEO know they are dispensable.

Maverick SM said...


That's the difference in the value system between them and us.


Ethics? OMG, I should not again.


It a wish that is as good as none.

Youth Attack,

You have a point; but in political philosophy, what Fukuda did was virtuous.


I'll leave it at that.

moo_t said...

Dear youth attack,
You cannot relate throwing rubbish with politicians sense of responsibilities. The logic of argument are flawed.

When a man are in a place that nobody littering, he will stop littering even he come from a place where littering are part of his living.

rashid said...

sikit-sikit hendak letak jawatan.saya sendiri dah lost count berapa kali PM Jepun meletak jawatan dan kemudian di ganti orang lain.

macam satu pusingan yang tak pernah habis!

kita kena faham bahawa budaya Jepun dan Malaysia berlainan.displin mereka amat tinggi bila bekerja.tapi mereka akan cepat kecewa bila tidak dapat mencapai target yang dikhendaki.tekanan mereka juga amat tinggi dan kadar bunuh diri di sana juga tinggi.

saya rasa masih ada harapan lagi untuk Pak Lah.tetapi terpulanglah pada kita untuk menerima beliau dengan terbuka atau penuh rasa kebencian.

Maverick SM said...


Ya, banyak harapan untuk Pak Lah. Jepun tak cerdik, sikit sikit letak jawatan; Malaysia berlianan; kita banyak banyak pun tak mau letak jawatan.

Al said...

Hello guys ... just to share with u all my views on this whole national & political affairs. Japan's PM has done the honourable ... since he belief that he can only take Japan to certain level ...would be in best inerest of all Japanese for him to go. Pak Lah ... the problem now is that he's asleep while appearing to be awake! Any way ... here my comments which I posted in Datuk Ron's Kuda Kepang this morning. "Just to highlight all readers even here at home as we speak more troubles are brewing up within the UMNO circles moving into the coming party election/nomination. Taking this from BN’s own print-media … just to prove that there’s no fabrication nor coax stories coming from bloggers & its readers. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/9/2/nation/22221110&sec=nation
This was Segamat … while Friday one was in Seremban. Going to be a ‘domino effect phenomena?’ More & more will come up?
Things are not right … rotten to core … & beginning to blow up in to the surface. It’s getting exciting … going to be even more exciting people … why don’t we all wait to see what PM & DPM will say about all these commotions … Hopefully all these alarms & signs will wake our sleepyhead-&-blur primero uno! If not … may be have to try with C4 … no directly to him lah … hello we are civilized bunch of people … no just to wake him up and face reality!"

Uttana said...

To be fair, we really don't know the real reason why Fukuda resigned. It's either what the newspaper stated or it's a reason to cover up his 'incompetency'.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for the link.


Fukuda is not incompetent if you observe his records over the past years.

shiver said...

PM Badawi

please go forth and do likewise.

for the sake of the nation, resign!!

Maverick SM said...


I differ. I prefer him to stay. He is fun.

Anonymous said...

wait till Anwar screw M'sian assholes (men/women) then you'll miss phucklah

Anonymous said...

i afraid we'll never learn or worst STOP LEARNING!sound like me, look like me but it's not me, b'cos i CONTINUE LEARNING. our beloved samy vellu even challenged MIC members to remove him! but m'sain leaders are brave.- mmudahlupa