Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pak Lah: Don't fear telling the truth! OMG!

The media need not be apologetic in reporting the truth, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the 3rd Sept 2008 as reported in the NST.

Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng reported what she had heard, truthfully and in her honest opinion of which many other reporters had testified to the honest opinions of the facts.

She was detained under the ISA for the act of telling the facts of the truth.

Seputed MP Teresa Kok was accused of having told a mosque in Kota Damasara to do away with loud speakers during the azan (morning call for prayers) as it was a disruption to some people living in the area.

Masjid Kota Damansara officials have clarified that their mosque that it was a damaged amplifier that resulted in the calls to prayers to be made without the aid of a PA system. Secretary of the mosque Ahmad Redzuan Samsudin said a police report was lodged on Wednesday against former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo for claiming pressure from non-Muslims and a state exco-backed petition had forced them to stop making the azan through the loudspeaker.

“Last Saturday (Aug 30), lightning during a thunderstorm had struck and damaged the PA system. Thereafter, we borrowed equipment from the SMK Kota Damansara in Section 10, but problems with the wiring further delayed us from sounding the azans through the loudspeaker. “There was no pressure from non-Muslims,” said Redzuan when contacted.

The police report, lodged by mosque head Hassan Basri alias Basri Mohd at the Kota Damansara police station, quotes the latter as saying: “I see all of this as slander and an attempt to give rise to prejudice among the various races in Kota Damansara, an act of provocation to divide the community.”

Teresa was arrested and detained under the ISA for the alleged offense. All it takes is for someone to alleged you had committed an offense, and the ISA is your outcome.

This is the dilemma Malaysians face under the fragile system. We hope the government would not resort to undemocratic acts to preserve their positions. They should be courageous to face the political onslaught from their nemesis.

My Prayer

I pray that Allah will protect the people from the evils of Satan and those with similar character of Satan.

Oh God, please also do not allow lightning to strike the PA System; otherwise the loud speakers may not work and the people will find reasons to blame others.

Oh God, other than the loud speakers, please also protect the other facilities of the mosques from harm and danger; otherwise there is a Khir Toyo and Utusan Malaysia who will put the blames on your other people.

Thank you God and Amen.



denzook said...

i don't understand why gov is so worry about 16 sept. so wat if the backbenchers agree to jump, parliament sittings will not start until october. how do these mps renounce current government and form new one by the way - the PM is chosen by agong by majority mps approval and the DPM and ministers are chosen by PM. and to remove PM it requires Agong, and how these MPs reach agong without parliament sittings.

bayi said...

The orator of the message gets away with a tap on his knuckle. The message carrier gets detained and threatened. Fear is instilled into those who are vocal for truth and justice.

Pak Lah, you are not leaving behind a legacy that you can be proud of!

KIMHO8 said...

Today, my husband has discharged from medical centre. I'm so happy that he's back to home to us.

But, it is sad that another 3 of our fellowship have became the victims of ISA.

No compassion for your brothers and sisters??? They are truly rakyat Malaysia too.

Anonymous said...

indeed a hard act to follow...

wiht all this provocation by the gomen. I really wish to smack badawi in the face!

but smacking badawi wont slove the problems! Smacking him will only erupt the volcano UMNO hoping for!

sheriff said...

The government is literally handing over the reains of the next government to the opposition by using the ISA this way. The sympathy is for the opposition.

artchan said...

Why did God allow the lightning to strike the mosque and not AAB and Toyo and Ahmad.

Dear God..we are all here by your if those 3....are a disservice to you. Please be merciful and spare us so that they will not be with us immdly

msiaman said...

Looks like they will detain whomever they pleases. ISA does not need justifications. But we will wait and see what's next. Looks like they are looking at extinction in the face.

Kenny Ng said...

Will he implement what he said? I'm doubt with it.

Maverick SM said...


You have a good point.


There's no legacy that is worth remembering.


Wish your husband good health and speedy recuperation.


You are right. Let's love Pak Lah more.


No way! BN and Pak Lah will hold on tight.


I don't know; maybe, it was incidental.


Let's have a little hope.

Kenny Ng,

I am with you.