Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zaid confirmed: He RESIGNED!

De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim has decided to stick with his decision to quit in protest of the government invoking the Internal Security Act.

"My decision (to quit) remains," he told a press conference at his office in Putrajaya this morning.

Zaid added that he has not made a decision on leaving Umno and joining PKR.

The minister said he wants to keep an open mind about this.

Source: Malaysiakini

Zaid wants to thank Pak Lah for giving him a 2-weeks holiday. He thinks he doesn't need it and he doesn't want to waste government's money. He had enough rest and is still restless because of the ISA thing.

He believed he could not do his job well to reform the Judiciary system. There are just too many of the other ministers who are far more influential and far more powerful within the cabinet who would never allow him to do his work to reform the system. The others preferred a dysfunctional system as they see the opportunities and benefit of such a system. They preferred it because they believed Pak Lah cannot control them in such a system. They thrive and excel in such a system.

I think Zaid will join Pakatan Rakyat; but this is just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

next he is going to announce he is moving to PRK. just wait for it in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

I respect Zaid firm result
This must te std guideline to all the politican
They promise so many things ended with excuse and other reason
They also shall be quit if fail to meet what the promise
No matter who are u or who ur are represent (BN/BA) important is what is ur prinsip.
I still remember the promises by BA in my area but after 45 days , I didn't see the MP in my area. Go to office , only can see hsi per sec.

Joining PKR or still remain in BN is not an issue
The issue is we want to abolish ISA (In Side Angin)
Eventhough BA form the goverment it doesn't meant they will give rakyat the freedom. Ther is limitation. Look at BN when they have enough support they promise all the things but ended with ISA
Same will go to BA , now they will promise taht lah this la and bla bla bla but once they get the power, they will definately shows their original color.

KIMHO8 said...

We should proud to have such leader.
No pitch black for our Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

I hope he don’t do a U-turn to show that there still a few good men left in UMNO. If he stay firms, he'll become a Hero but if he U-turn another Ezam in making. LOL!

WTF said...

Zaid is indeed a rare breed in Umno; I salute this man of principle and integrity .

Anonymous said...

Zaid will find PR to be more in tune with his thinking. he is welcome and I am sure he will be the Minister of Law once PR comes into power.
Zaid is the embodiment of a principled person. With people like him around, there is hope for Malaysia.

suka_aman said...

many people applaud him.but never forget that he used to get punishment for vote rigging.

if he were to join PR,then he's most welcomed to do so.he'll gain nothing once he's in PR as for his tarnished past record in politics.

PR also gonna gain nothing for Zaid is not an ADUN or has any parliament seat.

Anonymous said...

I salute him for upholding his principles. Unlike others who remain stubborn headed and refused to step down even if it's clearly their fault. They put the blame on someone else when things get heated up.
No matter what mistakes he did in the past, Zaid has shown great integrity this time.

toolan said...

Now that is what I call a "real" man! If only flip flop Lah Lah can lead by this example, I think we would have bee in different circumstances.

Go join PR and make sure "rakyat" is always above party and not the other way around(like BN).

Maverick SM said...


I agree.


I think Zaid will join PR.


Well, I suppose so.


You are half right.


I suppose so.

mavericky martin said...

Sebenarnya memang nak melompat tu. Saja je cari alasan. Dalam UMNO pun dah tak guna dah. Kalau jenis nak cari populariti dengan bising je, baik tak payah lah.

Maverick SM said...

mavericky martin,

ya ka? Awak memang pandai!

Gukita said...

Zaid will NOT join PR. I strongly believe so..

Maverick SM said...


I also believed that Zaid will try to stay in BN until PR and Anwar becomes the govt; if ever.