Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dr Mahathir happy Pak Lah step down.

Tun Dr Mahathir said he was glad he had been wrong when he wrote in his blog that Abdullah would not step down.

“Of course, I am very happy for Umno, not for myself.

Dr Mahathir, however, said he felt it was better for Abdullah to step down now rather than wait until March as he could still be an obstruction.

“Until March Pak Lah must keep quiet and let Najib run the show. He should not interfere."

On whether he would be roped in to act as mentor to Umno, Dr Mahathir said he would give advice even if he was not asked.

Source: The Star


The Malaysian Insider Report:

One down: Now for Khairy

OCT 9 - Having witnessed the forced exit of Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now training his guns on his other nemesis: Khairy Jamaluddin.

His sarcastic comments on his blog about the PM’s son-in-law mark the beginning of what is likely to be a campaign to make sure that the latter fails in his attempt at becoming the Umno Youth leader, and becomes a political footnote.

There is an added impetus for Dr Mahathir to succeed – Khairy’s failure could clear the path for Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir’s rise up the ladder in Umno.

Will Dr Mahathir succeed? Possibly. But really, Khairy’s chances of becoming the leader of the youth wing hinges more on what Najib does rather than what the former prime minister says. If Najib sends the signal that he wants the divisions to support Khairy, he will become the head of the youth wing.

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Side Story: Malaysiakini Report

MCA Squabble over RM1.5b asset

The outgoing MCA leadership’s move to hastily set up a board of trustees to control the party’s assets said to be worth around RM1.5 billion.

The proposed MCA’s Central Board of Trustees (CBOT) is believed to have been submitted by the party treasurer-general Lau Yin Pin.

The board will be custodian to MCA’s vast financial assets reportedly with an estimated market value of between RM1.5 to RM1.6 billion.

There are widespread rumours alleging that a certain outgoing top leader of being interested in the CBOT chairman’s job, giving him control over the party’s enormous assets.

It is also learnt that CBOT’s role include the formulation of MCA’s investment policy.

Source: Malaysiakini



AHB said...

Mahatiu the sore loser will be a very happy man until PR takes over the central government...

It was a blessing that Abdullah was the PM on 9th March 2008,I bet Mahatiu would not
hesitate by whatever means to invoke Article 150 of the Federal Constituion to suspend parliament and declare emergency if he (Mahatiu) was still the PM.

For that we should be grateful to AAB.

hasilox said...

Paklah failed because he did not deliver his promises to undo what everyone knew are the ills of the country. He did not created them.

Now back to old business? From a thriving trading nation down to the low-end of the food chain, how long more can msia last?

I am beginning to miss paklah already. lol

Anonymous said...

the rest are equally hopeless leaders, talk/think like a parrot.

Mankanan said...

Memang dah agak dah.. Mahathir adalah orang pertama yang paling gembira dengan keputusan yang diumumkan Pak Lah semalam.. Beliau memang anti Pak Lah. Beliau sudah pasti puas hati dengan pengunduran Pak Lah pada Mac 2009 kerana Pak Lah tidak akan dapat lawan pembangunan yang beliau bawa untuk Malaysia.. Itulah dia Mahathir yang berhati busuk...

suka_aman said...

Pak Lah haters is surely laughing all the way when he made the annoucement to quit on March 2009.

but will his successor (most probably Najib) will do his job better or worse than Pak Lah?

Jefus said...

He failed because he was ineffective. He did not seize the moment when it was opportune, perhaps due to inexperience in executive leadership, lack in intuitiveness, perhaps lackadaisical and the country paid the price.

Why the two months holidays? I thought he had what,.... five years holidays?

La Cha Mau said...

I am sorry to say this DOCTOR but how can the son-in-law not win when HE is holding the Military Intelligence report and with that the man's balls as well. Your son DO NOT have any chance whatsoever UNLESS you too have something juicy to offer...perhaps a copy of a high-definition video recording by the French Intelligence Agency on the mysteries of anal sex susceptibilities, No?

end said...

Abdullah is down.the next target is..

Khairy Jamaludin!.

i'm sure all the Mahathir men gonna make extra effort to topple all Abdullah's people and legacy in UMNO and govt.

but for Mukhriz and Ku Li to win the seat that they wants might be difficult they aren't really the darlings and favorite in UMNO.

Jefus said...

just caught it in Malaysiakini, ..... the bagman arrives, spiak Inggris

pistolair said...
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CK said...

haha... the bit abt Rosmah is interesting though i dunno how true it was...

MCA can close shop already.

KIMHO8 said...

The beginning of our nightmare...
This one for real.
No kidding at all!

hassan said...

Big Mama is potentially the de facto president of UMNO.

KIMHO8 said...

Can you see how ugly they look now?

Hyenas' family.


De' Monkey Boy Khairy J won Machang vote for Youth Head already wo.

MCA gotta subsidise De' Monkey Boy winning by taking over 1.5billion MCA Funds...

The Ong Family will become Tuns after De Monkey Boy Khairy become UMNO Youth Head one.

We wait & see. Pak Benggap Lah is not quitting without anything for his Monkey Boy one.

Maverick SM said...


You may be right.


I also miss Pak lala.




I won't know whether Najib will do a better job; we will have to wait.


I agree that he did not seize his opportunity.

La Cha Mau,

We can't speculate on mere gossip.


I won't know; but you may be right.


I will read that later.


I apologise; I had to delete your comment as it is unrelated to the caption subject matter.


MCA got RM1.5b; how to close shop???


What's that?


I don't know; but that's not a fair statement.


You are a true conspiracy theorist.

Anonymous said...

Hindarf actually wakes him up on hari raya from his deep slumber. Only one person wished him 'makkal sakti', he's already a goner.


Anonymous said...

The moment Pak lah resign, TDM's job is done and he will RIP.

moo_t said...

RM1.5 Billions.

No wonder MCA afford to pay RM1 millios losses every month inflict by nanyang press holdings.

Oh wait, talk about billions, I wonder the 4.7 Billions PKFZ contribute parts of it. ;)

artchan said...

is it true that if Pink lips become prersident, rosemary will be Prime Minister.

Shah RukH Khan is made datuk..betul ke?

Maverick SM said...




That PKFZ we agreed to share the spoils.


No Lah; she will remain a good house manager.

sudah cakap kasi bikin la said...

Memanglah dia suka Pak Lah turun sebab selama ni Pak Lah bukanlah jenis yang senang2 je Mahathir nak kuda2kan. Dia tak puas hati lah, dia nak lah bagi orang yang ada kat situ dia boleh gunakan, dia boleh pengaruh.