Thursday, October 23, 2008

Linguistic Deception

"We had asked him to surrender his passport to the Malaysian High Commission, but he did not do that. How can his passport be cancelled when he never did so? In order to cancel a passport, we need to stamp it as 'cancelled'."

- Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, Home Minister
in response to accusations that he lied about the cancellation of Waytha Moorthy's passport.


How could you say the politicians are corrupt when they merely assisted the businessmen to get government projects and no physical money were transacted at the time of award. There may be money transaction thereafter or before, but not at the time of award.

How can there be a case of sodomy when there is consent and the two had done it eight times in places both decided to meet?

How can there be, if we apply the linguistic philosophy of Albarism?


Moo... said...

Wow, that is new to me.

Cancellation of passport has to be done physically. If I lose a passport, the passport cannot be cancelled because I MUST take the passport to the immigration dept to cancel it.

What a big joke??????

hasilox said...

To prove he's idiot, you need good scientific instruments and world-class scientists. So, how can ppl simply call him idiot?

And pls don't call him botak anymore. There are still hair there, don't you see them? lol

KIMHO8 said...

No self-reproachful and contrite for their imprudent and thoughtless act.
Too condescending and overbearing!

toolan said...

Evening Mav,

Can someone tell this bugger to shut up! Each time he try to talk sense, it hurts my brain!

Anonymous said...

lately this botak is known to suffer from acute verbal diarrhoea...

abu said...

He who speaks with a forked tongue behaves like a snake.

KIMHO8 said...

Verbal irony?

Maverick SM said...


I thought it wasn't a joke. Syed Hamid was serious about it.


Let's respect him even if he is idiotic.


It's not condescending; it's unintelligible for a lawyer to speak with no idea of jurisprudence and the rule of natural justice and illogical reasoning.


Oh, I prefer him to speak. We have fun too.


No lah; he speaks his mind; that's his mind's capacity and capability.


There's no irony at all.

Anonymous said...

don't worry lah, hindraf can use indian govt. passport.

Anonymous said...

I think , we shall more focus on 1 agenda instead many agenda
What so great with this WM (Hindraf)
I can't understand ! ALmost 100% oppostion MP are fighting for 1 individual person. For what ! To get rakyat attention and waste thier time (do not know what to do as MP)
Is it WM is the New Malaysian bapa kemerdekaan ! so great about him.

To be hero , he should accept any kind of issue andwe sahll faced with harmony fight and not streat demo.

Dear Maverick, remove ths artiocle and ut the article that really boost our knowledge and idea.
We want to live in harmaony and peacefull counrty.

NPO (Non Profir Organization)
Southern committe member

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

It's good to have this once in a while... we all need a good laugh, ya? It's similar to watching clowns perform at a circus.

Anonymous said...

where is the 1 trillion dollar that WM (kollywood superstar) demanding from British.
He want 2 claim $ from British
endup staying in Britian . What a game. Where he get so much money
Staying in Britian, ordinary person are not effortable but he can. This is called hero. Go to hell. He is not fighting for Indian right but he is gifhting for himself under Politic licence.

I read his supporters demand during HRP open house
"We will forgibe & forget what goverment did towards Indian s long they release WM thier hero "Tahi kuching punya demand. Mana pergi prinsip Hindraf !

Kalau nak jadi hero , fight sampai dapat. Tak dapat pun tak apa tapi pegang pda asas . Bukan pentingakan diri sendiri.

Kalau India tidak maju bukan salah
kerajaan tapi masalah tidak berstau and majukan diri sendiri
Orl asing boleh hantar berbillion $ ke negara mereka tapi Hindraf asyik pertikaikan yg kaum India di singkirkan. Jangan nak salahkan yg lain. Salahkan diri sendiri
WM kaya raya , kalau Kerajaan Malaysia singkirkan kaun India , macam mana WM boleh kaya raya
Duduk di Britian , siapa yg tanggung kos living dia kat sana ~!
Kerajaan Britian ...... wau hebat


KIMHO8 said...

As long as he makes his late father very proud.
Like father, like son.

Maverick SM said...


You are right; we need fun and sor chais.


I do not have comment on the prinsip of Hindraf as I do not understand them and I do not subscribe to many of the claims. However, the use of ISA against their leaders is equating to making two wrongs right.


I think we can comment and opine on his statement but let us respect his family.



I like this comment; got make sense one you know????

toolan said...
Evening Mav,

Can someone tell this bugger to shut up! Each time he try to talk sense, it hurts my brain!

October 23, 2008 6:06 PM

KIMHO8 said...

The vicious circle of violence must stop.

Maverick SM said...


That guy who talks is also called TooLan and he is also toolan.


Yes, agree!