Saturday, October 25, 2008

PAS Kelantan donate RM5,000 to Hindraf

PAS lends support to 10 detainees

PAS Kelantan today donated RM5,000 cash to the families of the 10 detainees for Deepavali. The money was delivered by its vice-president Husam Musa.

Husam also attempted to visit the 10 detainees but was denied permission by the police.

Commenting on Hindraf’s objectives, Husam said there was a need for “social re-engineering”, without reviewing the social contract, to resolve the woes of the Indian community such as in areas of education, welfare and business.

Accompanying Husam was PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub who said that the government was wrongly portraying Hindraf and its supporters as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

“I came from Kelantan today to express our sympathy to our fellow Malaysians who have been bullied by the Barisan Nasional government,” Husam said, when meeting family and friends of the 10 individuals who have been remanded at the Putrajaya district police headquarters.

The 10 were arrested while accompanying six-year old W Vwashnnavi, the daughter of Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy, and her mother K Shanti to the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya.

Asked to elaborate on his “bully” remark, Husam said the government had used the authorities to suppress legitimate grievances by a marginalised community instead of understanding the issues raised.

“This will hurt the feelings of the Indian community,” he said.

Source: Malaysiakini



bayi said...

The BN government keeps shooting itself in its foot and gives the opposition fantastic chances to accumulate points for the next election.

Score: BN - 0 ; PR - XX (lost count)

Anonymous said...

Who do you think you are? Hindraf are the one who should be blasted off..

Anonymous said...

Terima Kasih YB Husam Musa & PAS Leadership.The Indians of Malaysia will never forget your kind gesture & genuine support in this difficult times.
Its better that we have a True Islamist Peace Love Fair Minded Leadership like PAS than a Corupt,
Arrogant and Deceitful Umno.
Hidup Reformasi !

Jefus said...

In its efforts to show the NEW KETUANAN, toes have been stepped on. But, they are too proud to apologize. In the meantime, PAS accumulates brownie points here and there which will be remembered come election time.

Pickup any pointers UMNO? Nah, to high and mighty to learn anything new,....

msiaman said...

Wow, there is still a lot of closet racist around on top of the usual Racist cum Dumb Leaders like the botak.

Wonder how they term taking action on banned HINDRAF. Is there a special brand of activities that can be specifically 'owned' by HINDRAF that they can pin point? You have that in Al Arqam, you have that in Ayah Pin. But what about HINDRAF here?

Does it mean they only want the docile and 'domesticated' indians here only? Poor and others who fight for rights are not allowed? But isn't poor and groups that fight for human rights are part of human society?

Or are they using another guise to promote a racist rule. I do not see how you can differentiate HINDRAF and non-HINDRAF unless you tell police to arrest any indians who are vocal whether it is against government ISA, absurd law or otherwise.

I think in the coming months, there will be more and more reason to protest the government typical of any hard times. They going to isolate and arrest the indians first as part of HINDRAF?

Our leaders are sometimes rule by emotion and bias. But giving even more ridiculous excuses for their badly conceived actions.

meverik said...

Beria sangat nak membela Hindraf tu. Takkan tak ingat dulu apa tuduhan yang dia buat? Apa yang dia buat masa berhimpun ramai2? Mereka ni pandai sangat bermuka2, semua nak ambil kesempatan je tu.

Maverick SM said...


PAS has shown to the non-Muslims what is the values of Islam.


PAS demonstrates the true Islamic values of compassion and love.


I think if we talk about Hindraf per se we must also observed empirically the objectives and mens rea of the institutional promoters. I have paranoia. However, there are elements within the objectives which are also empirically correct and true and of which it must be addressed affirmatively to correct those wrongs; but alas Hindraf is taken as one entity with a single mission which caused its own disaster.


You have a good point; equally, you have also not considered their plight and discrimination that did exist. We can't closed our eye to some factual truth of their existence and dilemma.

psc said...

way to go husam.
god bless you.


thumbs up PAS!
PAS is now becoming more humane party, forward looking towards far reaching social progress.
Senior Husam is best fit for PAS Presidency, and let the existing Leadsership Team retire along Pak Lah.
way to go!

Gukita said...

These money politics are gutter practices even if practiced by a religious party.. The RM100 per by Penang govt is a similiar practice.. The hijacking of supporters prior to Division meetings are in similiar category.. Seemed like everybody's into it... very bad.

Maverick SM said...


I too made the same prayer.


Ya, God bless them.


For whatever reasons, whether for political mileage or altruism, I think we should appreciate a virtuous act and the money will be helpful for those in need.