Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Umno Youth says Hindraf barged into Open House

Hindraf supporters went to the open house to present a teddy bear and card to Abdullah, asking for the release of their leaders.

However, PM Abdullah said he was told only one person had wished him Selamat Hari Raya.

Selangor Umno Youth chief Abdul Shukor Idrus said the Hindraf supporters’ action at the open house went against the principles of a multiracial country and society.

Shukor wants the Home Ministry Syed Hamid to take action against Hindraf supporters for “barging” into the open house hosted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Muslim cabinet ministers at the Putra World Trade Centre.

Did Hindraf "BARGED" into the open house? Umno Youth insist it is. Did they?

Let's review what the PM said last Monday:

“I discussed it with Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the other ministers. My view was that they wanted to come to the open house, which is open to all and we do not stop any group from coming to wish us and join other guests. We even welcomed non-Malaysians who came in huge numbers. In that spirit I told the security people to ask them to come in. But they came in and there was a lot of noise, I don’t know why,” Abdullah said.

(Source: The Star

“I hope the Home Ministry will not be frightened to take action against them,” said its chief, Abdul Shukor Idrus.

“What they did was akin to insulting Islam and stern action must be taken against them.”

(Source: The Star)

Insulting Islam? Ya, En Shukor, You are insulting Islam.

I have never seen anyone insulting Islam as much as you do. I cannot believed that your cognitive faculty is kidneyed and your thoughts are shitty and unintelligible. I have read many books on Islam and I just can't find the relevance of the open house events in relation to Islam. Muslims are to set an example for the world at large such that we admire Islam and its virtues. I'm sorry, you act and behave contrary to that.



CK said...

wat to expect? due to endless crutching exercise, these fellas lost their brain and speaks shit.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect this bozo bankrupt of ideas do? Speaking and doing something intelligent???

HopefulPessimist said...

To the people of Hindraf, please mind your manners. If it's true what they said, that these people chanting about releasing the their leaders and hapuskan ISA, I don't think that was appropriate at all. Where's your respect to others?

To Shukor,
An insult to Islam? What has an open house got anything to do with Islam? Care to explain the reasons for them insulting Islam? Why is it that everything must be associated with the religion? You are the one tarnishing the image of Islam. Get your facts right first.

KIMHO8 said...

("What they did was akin to insulting Islam and stern action must be taken against them.")

Are they nuts?

In Islam, Muslims welcome every single one as their honourable guest. The purpose of open house is to gain a better understanding of each other, the way it always should be. The reason Hindraf was there.

Pak Lah & Co. made it sounds like "If you offend me, you offend my religion!"

msiaman said...

In desperate times, there are still people trying to be hero. In this case, it's a dumb hero who would in the past had no chance to speak up. Like some blogger said, the current political situation in UMNO is such that they are filled with too many below average leaders.

Below average in knowledge, personality, moral and most of all principles. This and many more such as that of Ahmad characters are a reflection of the top leader having no control of what's going on. He seem like the lonely emperor who have been cut off from the masses.

As for our Mr PM, he said that the HINDRAF group would have greeted him etc., he must be quite mad! The husband and father has been taken away for no apparent or substantiated reason(s), they are merely going there to have a way to officially present their message. He has the wit to say people must greet him "Selamat Raya" first! What about people like RPK who was deprived of the Raya celebration with family all because of him or his consent to the order? He has really lost touch with reality!

Anonymous said...

The next time you see Dollah el-Bedouin, better bow and wish him or else he'll isa you for being rude

Anonymous said...

how to barge into an open house? is there a new word in dictionary?

how can you insult islam when you don't wish them 'hari raya'. is there a new entry into the quran? can they stop bringing islam into every picture.

these people are so pathetic.

Q33NY said...

barge into an open house?

even PM himself welcomed the Hindraf to the open house in PWTC.but what really frustating is that Hindraf used that opportunity to chat about asking to release their leaders and to abolish ISA.i'm sure there are many little kids at that time and i'm pretty sure they much terrified by such event.

it was a public event.a national public holiday.the time when we wanna celebrate such day with happiness and not to be bombarded with political thingy.

punk said...

when anyone are invited to any event,the guests must respect the event holder by behaving in a good manner.

i'm positive that Hindraf didn't "barged" into PWTC but still somehow the way they do it was not would they feel if anyone come to their house on Deepavali and starts to make noises?.they must feel very upset,aren't they?

msleepyhead said...

for everyone's sake 'punk', i hope there's no tit for tat.

two wrongs don't make a right.

if anyone that should be offended it is pak lah, and there's no need for the youth wing to speak up for him. he's no.1 in the country.

the fact that till today, they've yet to resolve or meet/negotiate with/engage hindraf shows who they really are. it ain't going away by simply ignoring it.

Maverick SM said...


Ehm... you got a point.


Your advice to Hindraf is fair and reasonable. I think they must be conscious of that.


You have a point.


I like your comment.


Good point.

Anonymous said...

yes, hindarf can be a nuisance at times. ill-behave and rude.

making irrelevant demands like british pay them millions dollar for bringing their fore-fathers malaysia. what a funny group.

CK said...

A : B, beri balik pensil yang ko ambil dari sia.
B : Alah...nak masuk rumah tak bagi salam ke?

I mean.... wat?????????

Maverick SM said...



What is what?

toolan said...

HI Mav,

Actually I saw some of the footage from Din Merican and Harris Ibrahim blogs and 2 things are very evident :

1) PM just BS coz it was very certain from the footage none of them were invited into the hall, they were given the goose chase, the run about. They were lead to a room, held there for a while then being lead to another that leads them out to the carpark. They tend re-enter via main entrance but were blocked, then somehow they got into the staircase that lead upstairs and somehow got into the main hall where PM is.
2)As for the Shukor fella....."Chiak Sai lah!" Pls don't give other muslim brothers bad name lah!

bayi said...

"Selangor Umno Youth chief Abdul Shukor Idrus said the Hindraf supporters’ action at the open house went against the principles of a multiracial country and society." And just what are these principles of a multiracial country, En Abdul Shukor Idrus? Universal principles or those according to Umnoputras? Are the UMNO members adhering to multiracial principles?

Maverick SM said...


Em.. that's something I miss out.


Mr Toolan said: Chiak Sai Lah! I think he is right.

Anonymous said...

Hindraf should have brought in M Ghandi & Anwar & Rock Hudson picture to the 'party'


Abdul Shukor Idrus talks cock or what? where is his brain... in the Bontot kah?

This Shukor fella should donte himself as Suicide Bomber in IRAQ and get some news exposure even to United States.

what a dumb and daft UMNO fella! indeed wasting GOD giving life.

Gukita said...

The 5th tenet of RUKUNEGARA is;

The National Ideology is based on sound principles and every national should adhere to these. The is NO KESOPANAN nor KESUSILAAN to hand ultimatum at somebody's Open House eventhough the act is legitimate..

pistolair said...
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Maverick SM said...


You are angry??? Cool down.


I do agree with you. But you pick up on one tenets and forget the others when the citizens were not given their rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

When they have no alternatives to voice their concerns about their husband and father what else can they do?


I'm sorry; but I can't let the propaganda of Rosmah become an insidious subject matter for discussion. Let's stick to the article caption. I apologise.

Gukita said...

I cant agree to that. 1 wrong does not justify another wrong..

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