Friday, November 28, 2008

Muslim MP? Blesphemy!

Report from The Malaysian Insider and Malaysian Bar Website


Tajudin: Oh, tak masuk lagi?

Kiandee: Dia tak bagi, Yang Berhormat. Tak bagi.

Tajudin: Dia tak masuk lagi? Dah lama tak masuk-masuk. Main tepi saja.

Mujahid: Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak sabarlah.

Tajudin: Bila nak keluar lagi air dia ?


He is untouchable. He can use swear words with impunity. He can spray sexist comments in the chamber and use sexual innuendo when he sees fit.

Datuk Tajudin Rahman, the Barisan Nasional MP for Pasir Salak can pretty much do as he pleases.

He is also living proof that some of the lessons of Election 2008 are being ignored and tossed aside by elected representatives. A walking advertisement that, despite being decimated in five states and having its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament taken away, arrogance and pride still courses through the veins of ruling coalition members.

More troubling perhaps for the average Malaysian is that Tajudin Rahman’s boorish behaviour is a reflection of the reality here – that the winds of change ushered in by the events of March 8 have begun to wane and that Malaysia is settling down once again to a state where apathy and fatigue reign.

Where the public feigns outrage at excesses of politicians and the government, then do a collective shrug of their shoulders and put it down to the way of life here.

Politicians from both sides of the divide know the drill. And that is why the likes of Tajudin Rahman and before him, Datuk Badruddin Amiruddin, Bung Mokhtar Radin and Mohd Said Yusof have shamed the House with outrageous remarks with the conviction that they will be untouched by any sanction or rebuke.

Still, it appears that Tajudin is in a class of his own. In this same Parliament session, he has called his nemesis, the DAP MP for Ipoh Barat a “bloody bastard”, introducing colourful language which the House has not heard before.


You can read the full report at the links below:

Malaysian Bar

The Malaysian Insider

I wonder if Islam did allow a Muslim to behave such. Is yoga chanting far sinful than this chants from a Muslim Member of Parliament who had often portrayed to defend Islam and Malays? I don't know about your opinion but I am ashamed of such a man who calls himself a Muslim.


bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Maybe you are not well informed. Ketuanan Umno can do anything in the Dewan. You dont believe me? Go and ask Pandikar Amin, Wan Junaidi or Ronald Kiandee.

Islam? Again you are not well informed. When was the last time Islamic teaching is applicable when it comes to ketuanan Umno?

Maverick SM said...


I am sorry but I could not agree with you. Irrespective of Umno, PKR or PAS, Muslims must abide by the teachings of the Prophet mandated in the Quran. You may be angry with Umno, but it would not be fair to equate ketuanan Umno inapplicable with Islamic teaching. I apologise.

Anonymous said...

Memang YB Pasir Salak bersalah dalam hal ini. Memang dia boleh dikatakan keterlaluan...kurang adab nya.

Kita mesti berlaku adil sekiranya perkara yang sama di-lakukan oleh AP bukan melayu dan bukan Islam. kita mesti kaitkan mereka yang bersalah dengan bangsa dan ajaran agama mereka. Setuju?

Jangan kita kaitkan bangsa dan agama sendiri aja dan apabila terjadi dengan perlakuan bangsa lain...kita membisu....macam kes penjara 18 tahun YIM. DIAM....kaitkanlah dengan bangsa dan agama baru ADIL!


artchan said...


Islam practised by the likes of Tajuddin is not Islam preached by the Prophet(pbuh)., otherwise how can you explain the barbaric behaviour of people like Bung, Tajuddin (two of the many in UMNO) who are a disgrace and insult to the religion.

Purple Haze said...

The lack of voice from organisations such as the Muslim Lawyers group says a lot from the deafening silence.

Their version of Islam obviously is not in sync with yours, Maverick. The question is whose is better (since both are "right").

moo_t said...

Chinese has an ancient proverb for such people(describe General Xiang Yu) : macaque monkey with a nice hat ;)

Anonymous said...

product of UMNO. whats new, mav?

Mberenis said...

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Anonymous said...

amno = agama + bangsa + negara

duh, this pariah insult & drag his religion, his race & the country through stinking mud.


Anonymous said...

There will soon be a fatwa against the criticizing of umno mps. 2 years in Kamunting for going against the fatwa

AK said...

Chief fret not, the more the like of Baruadin, Ami-rude-tin, Bonk Bodoh, Mohd Shit show their arrogance and idiocy , the chances of PR forming the next central government will be better.

AK said...

Oh..including Die-judin Rah-mad too..

laimun said...

Do this fella have a family, meaning wife and children? Just wondering whether he uses such language when talking to them. That's what I call 'dead man walking'.

CK said...

it's such a shame. and he has a spot in my Malaysian Hall of Shame. in the same league with the others mentioned.

it's all these little things tat showed and proved that nothing else can be done to change things here. no hope.

denzook said...

come on, we're malaysian. why so serious?!

RaZ said...

We also have Muslims who kill, rape and torture.

What's the problem? If he is the problem why bring his religion into the picture?