Saturday, December 20, 2008

BayiSingh Biz expansion

I received an email from BayiSingh today. he is now in Namibia attending to his goldmining business. I think he has ventured in other related businesses. This is what he wrote:

And these little gems from BayiSingh shall make you happy...

My reply to BayiSingh:

Dear BayiSingh,

I prefer diamonds but I don't mind having some diamonds together with these gems, can I?
I am keeping my options open to discussion and renegotiation.
Keep in touch.

yours truly,



P/S: Christmas is round the corner and it would be a good X'mas gift!



gongkaukau said...

My needs are few and I don't mind just a gem for Christmas. With the impending recession, it would be good to have friends like BayiSingh.

We envy you, Mave. But it's your good fortune.

moo_t said...

Nice glittering synthetic gemstones that doesn't cost an arm and leg. nice. :)

I am happy if Bayi just give me golds instead :)

Maverick SM said...


Bayi is now in Namibia and I believed he will bring back some of those gems. He should read your comments here and probably may sent some to you. Let's have hope.

Maverick SM said...


Is that synthetic? Then I must ask for gold.

Jefus said...

you should ve got him to put a scale for comparison, or a ruler to give you a sense of its size,.....

as big as a durian? coconut?

...... or as small as a pollen grain?

Anonymous said...

Bayi sholda given one of those babes to that babe Atantuya. Then she wouldn't had come to see baginda and P.I. bala wouldn't had gone AWOL

gongkaukau said...

At least BayiSingh did not steal from the taxpayers!

Maverick SM said...


Size doesn't matter for me; as long as it's a gift.


Ya, BayiSingh don't steal; he has plenty; so no need to.

Purple~MushRooM said...

Maverick, who is Bayi Singh? Is he your real or imaginative friend?

Maverick SM said...


BayiSingh is a real person who is a prince from Africa and happens to have quite some business in Malaysia.

yok hoong said...


how about some port biz. buy land at 3 and sell at 25. project cost go from 1 bil to 4.7 bil and Transport Minister give you a thumbs up and a Tan Sri ship too.
Forget about Africa lah. Check it out with our Mr Ong now ok.

Maverick SM said...

Yoh Hoong,

Bayi not so friend of OKT. He is more close to Nik