Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hudud law is recession sensitive

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said that the current economic situation could delay the implementation of Hudud Law.

Abdul Hadi said that for hudud to be implemented, people must have proper education, jobs as well as economic mobility.

“The current economic situation and the fact that there is unemployment among Malaysians prevent the hudud from being implemented,” Abdul Hadi said.

He was speaking to reporters after launching the party’s membership drive campaign yesterday.

Abdul Hadi said hudud laws would only apply to Muslims.

Source: The Star Online

I agree that people must have proper education with regards to the Hudud Law; but economic mobility affects Hudud Law implementation? Hudud hit by the economy? That's what the Star paper headlined. The caption is puzzling~!

For the non-Muslims they need not fear the Hudud Law as it does not apply to them in accordance to the Islamic Law principles. I think Hudud Law is more effective in dealing with corruption; this is a hypothesis and we can do further research on the subject matter.


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Undang-undang juga boleh dibuat "moratorium" (a period of time in which there is a suspension of a specific activity until future events warrant a removal of the suspension or issues regarding the activity have been resolved).

Menurut sejarah Islam, Khalifah 'Umar pernah menangguhkan perlaksanaan hukum hudud (kerana kemelut ekonomi waktu itu). Pada zaman ini, kerajaan Iran pernah melaksanakan moratorium dalam perlaksanaan hukum rejam (stoning).

sinkeh said...

Why do the non-Muslims fear hudud? Not so much in the hudud laws themselves as they are not applicable to non-Muslims.

But it is obvious that of late there have been many and growing number of incidents where the self-righteous enforcers have tried to impose many so-called rules of their own perception onto the non-Muslims. Such incidents have not drawn an outright condemnation from our Muslim leaders and this creates and forsters fear and suspicion among the non-Muslims that implementation of hudud may drag the country into a quagmire of religious confrontation.

There have been instances where Muslim leaders of standing in our society have called for the merger of the civil and syariah laws. Though it is unconceiveable at this moment, anything can happen in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

hudud or whatever dud laws, if implemented, 80% amno will have to live with one hand...

and 1st to loose a limb is a rembau black monkey.



Anonymous said...

mav, PAS leader are TOO `educated'.I'm equally puzzling eventhough i'm not so educated and know little about Islamic Law principles in relation with economy. Maybe Pak Lak can clarify! - Mmudahlupa

bayi said...

It's a fallacy to say that the Hudud will not affect the non-Muslims and therefore does not concern them. I would like to remind PAS of the bigger picture that Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians and a lively debate and open discussion is a healthier platform in the long run.

That hudud is recession-proof rests on the presumption that religion is the solace sought by all men when there is no more option offered by worldly measures. It's spiritual and hence, recession-proof.

Purple~MushRooM said...

Maverick... Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

hudud law will effect the non-muslim as well, in one way or another that's why we gonna stop it.

If a muslim guy rape a non-muslim women. Do we still need 4 male muslim witness?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia was supposed to be a multi-racial country, let's keep it that way. no need to overly promote a religion, in a way or another it will affect others, there is no such thing as separate, cos we live as neighbors to each other.

stop trying to fool others by saying other people can still freely practice their religion without fear.

Purple Haze said...

We don't have to go into complicated inter-racial.inter-faith instances to fear the application of hudud laws.

The case of the American couple being woken up in Langkawi by religious authorities for alleged khalwat shows that non-Muslims and even non-Malaysians can be "inconvenienced" at the whims and fancies of some religious bigot.

And what about the raid on an Indian restaurant in Bangsar demolishing deities within the premises.

Examples abound to provide the fear to non-Muslims in Malaysia.

Perhaps the solution to that would be a huge fine or prison time for participants in wrongful arrests or actions. This way, the responsible parties will face a penalty for doing the wrong thing - otherwise, they go scot free as they do know. In this way the non-Muslims have some course of civil recourse against radical elements in the enforcement of Islamic rules in our secular society.

Basically, if hudud law is to be enacted only for Muslims, any wrongful action against the minority non-Muslims should have consequences.

Anonymous said...

I really dont know why DAP and MCA are making hues and cries about hudud laws. As a second generation Chinese from Kelantan I have grown up in a State where Hudud laws were in existence since the early 1930s( legislated when the late Tan Sri Nik Mat Kamil was MB of Kelantan)We Chinese in Kelantan were free from the harassment
some unfortunate non-muslims received in non-hudud states like Selangor, FT, and Perak. In any societies, races, political parties there are bound to be extremists fanatics and orang Amok using the name of Religion to justify their madness. I admit that it also existed even in my own hometown but they are a minority. But have no fear Hudud is for Muslims only. We non-muslims as some of the Royal Hignesses the Rulers have reminded us are protected by the Constitution.Remember we are Malaysians not Iranians not Afghan and nothing will change our unique culture whether its BN or Pakatan.

gongkaukau said...

It is the enforcers, not the hudud laws. And those overseeing the enforcers keep quiet or say they have done nothing wrong.

That sums up the fear of the non-Muslims.

Memanglah kami risau!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mav,
Hudud law is influence by economic turnmoil (see what happen during Khalifah Umar time). Hudud can not be implement to the theif who are in hungry. The government first must make sure that the rakyat have a good income and they have no reason to take the other belonging before implement hudud.


Anonymous said...

Samething, the govement can not implement Hudud for adultery unless the govement can control the mass media pulicity of freesex, the night club that provide protitute, the dirty film and other factor that pro-adultery.


Nazri said...

What if a politician and national leader kena tangkap basah? Will the press hush it up or will the hudud laws apply?

Anonymous said...


Which country has no poor and hungry people? even US and Europe?

they will always be poor people even when the economy is not in recession, and booming.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with gongkaukau(Dec 29)its the enforcers the self-proclaimed champions of their religion who in reality are the parasites of societies the parasites in religious bodies abusing their authority. But alas except for their Royal Hignesses even the Ministers are helpless.

din said...

Kalau kena tangkap basah, you won't cut the hand , right? What do you cut?

June.W said...

i agree too, it's the ppl who enforce it, not the law itself. my family share house with indian family when i was young, and now i have muslim as my family. i think it is the coolest thing in the world b'coz i can celebrate all the festival in the whole year round, and imagine i get duit-raya and ang-pow, buy baju raya twice, makan besar twice etc... i think i'm more worry about the politician than the law itself... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE & HOPE FOR ANOTHER FRUITFUL YEAR of 2009...