Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sultan Selangor: Do not make accusations about rights and position being challenged

The Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has defined the social contract as compromise between the rulers and subjects as well as between Malays and non-Malays.

He also said that the Malay community should not make accusations about their rights and position being challenged.

Instead, the Malays should ask themselves if they have acted accordingly, he said.

"Malays must ask themselves why," the Sultan said.

"We must know where the mistake is. We cannot make accusations. When we do something without following procedure everyone will be in a muddle."

In the interview with Mingguan Malaysia, the Sultan was also asked his opinion on how the issue of Ketuanan Melayu, or Malay Supremacy, which the newspaper described as a concept which for the Malays, was tied to the royalty, but which the non-Malays had other views.

He did not know how to answer such questions because "we are the Malays, the sultans are Malays so why must it be brought up?"

"We must focus on more important issues such as the education, economy and income of the Malays."

The Sultan said he did not understand the restlessness, as described by the newspaper, regarding Malay rights.

He suggested it may all just be politics, adding: "that is why I do not understand politics. The proverb ada udang disebalik batu (having a hidden agenda), I don't understand all that."

The Sultan also spoke of the social contract that needed to be understood.

"Previously no one spoke of the social contract but it did not mean they were ignorant.

"What is the social contract? It is compromise, between the people and the royalty, the Malays with the Chinese and the Malays with the Indians."

Asked about the a recent suggestion by Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Jaafar for royal immunity to be restored, he said perhaps a conditional immunity should be considered.

"I do not agree in having immunity from paying my debts or from assaulting someone until the public does not get any justice," he said.

Source: The Malaysian Insider



DeePo said...

see...the sultan also has the same opinion wit the rest of minority. do not make stupid accusations, but instead look at ourselves first.

Moo.... said...

Very glad that we have a very wise Malay Sultan.

There is one Malay by definition is more Malay than a lot of Malays and try to a champion to all Malays.

abu said...

A good and wise ruler does not need immunity.

suka_aman said...

"We must focus on more important issues such as the education, economy and income of the Malays."

i have to agree with the Sultan.there are tonnes of other issues to be disccussed about.

Malays and non-malays have to work together for the country.yes,we can see clearly that malays and non-malays can live together in a harmonious enviroment but still the prejudice between each other still exist.i dont know if that can be fixed or not.

but still i belive that we can live peacefully among many races just as long as there are no 3dr party that want to ruin the relationship between races that we have by far.

end said...

busan jika bila isu pasal ketuanan Melayu ni dibangkitkan.isu ni seringkali dibangkitkan sejak dulu lagi dan ramai yang cuba jadi hero bagi kaum maisng-masing.

orang Melayu perlulah memajukan diri jika mereka rasa diri mereka ketinggalan dan "ditindas".buang jauh-jauh sifat terlalu bergantung pada kerajaan untuk bantuan.berdiri pada kaki sendiri.kalau kita tak mampu untuk menghormati diri sendiri,jangan harap orang lain akan menghormati kita.

Anonymous said...

when Umno leader need votes, support or naik pangkat, all they need to do is scream out loud " perjuangan agama dan bangsa, malay and islam under threat, perjuangan melayu diteruskan,,

Dear Umno leader,,

Who is threatening you? Who are you perjuang with? Find a better way to win vote and support, like education, good discipline, save some money.....

engkaulah said...

That ketuanan melayu thingy is a figment of UMNO's imagination. Cuma nak melawan bayang je.

Maverick SM said...


We should express our appreciation to such a respectable Sultan.


I agree with you that we are having Sultans that are intellectually sound and fair.


Yes, good and wise ruler.


Yes, you are right. The nation must focus on more urgent and important issues such as education, economy and poverty.


Betul; orang orang Melayu patut memajukan diri sendiri dan mempertingkatan tahap mereka dan dihormati oleh keseluruhan bangsa.


It is not a bayang; it is an illusion.