Friday, January 16, 2009

Raja Nazrin: If only the Spirit of NEP had prevailed ...

Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said if the spirit of the NEP as drawn up by its architects the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, had prevailed, no particular group would feel it was losing out or being deprived of its rights.

According to Raja Nazrin, "No one will oppose the New Economic Policy if it was implemented according to the original plan, which neither enriches nor marginalises any group."

Speaking at the close of the 3rd Islamic Economic Congress here yesterday, Raja Nazrin said the NEP was formulated with the objective of restructuring society to even out the economic disparity between different races.

"Today, the NEP, which is fundamentally good and genuine, is criticised, with calls to bury it all due to the slip-ups at its implementation."

He said criticisms against the NEP had stemmed from the Malay community having ignored Dr Ismail's recommendations at the close of the 2nd Islamic Economic Congress.

Tun Dr Ismail's reminder that beneficiaries of special rights be modest and closely adhere to regulations in upholding the dignity of the community and Islam, was buried with him after his death in 1973.

"In ignoring that valuable reminder, the community has brought about this catastrophe upon its race and religion."

Raja Nazrin said whatever resolutions drawn up at the present congress could only be implemented if the community comes together in the interest of safeguarding its honour and the country's dignity.

It would also reflect on whether the Malay community was still too dependent on government assistance or was becoming strong enough to stand on its own. "If the government's role is important to the community, then it is important that there is a strong and stable government.

"The government should also possess a background of high understanding and sympathy towards the community to ensure its continued progress."

Source: The Malaysian Bar



Anonymous said...

Dr, i started my & posted 3 articles. Strangly, Now i'm trying to post new article but couldn't find a way. pls help.memang lupa lah!- mmudahlupa

Anonymous said...

system like this are open to abuse. The creator are a bunch of stupid assh0le!

moo_t said...

Power corrupt, absolute power, corrupt absolutely.

Without check and balance, even re-implement 1 millions times, NEP still prone to fail.

If anyone scrutinize NEP closely, you will notice the system quite similar to colonisation.

toolan said...

NEP is outdated, maybe it was meant genuinely to help the Bumi's but one must ask why is there a requirement to do so in the first place especially by "spoon feeding" method.
Instead of giving Bumi's priority over other races(NEP), isn't it better to elevate Bumi's thru educations and social up bringing? NEP is basically spoon feeding and this is the root of today's problem. Isn't it better to teach one HOW to fish then giving them the fish? NEP is doing the "giving" and not the "teaching".

artchan said...

Dont blame the Malay community..Malays are nice, gentle generous people..

It is the UMNOputras buggers (the select few) who robbed everyone including the Malays in the name of NEP. Remove UMNO and I am convinced we will see a much improved wealth distribution.

engkaulah said...

Just as I had taken the stand that I was not afraid of hudud laws but more apprehensive about the executors and implementors. The initiators may mean well but the subsequent decision makers may twist each scheme, as it is proven in this NEP scheme, until we don't recognise it anymore. It started with so much hope that social justice would prevail and it's already a monster beyond recognition even before it's ended.

There are people who now feel that the NEP reflects their right as bumis. Hogwash!

What the NEP has done is to cripple this group to the stage that they are no longer competitive in the market.

Anonymous said...

only if...... well, only if UMNO/BN honestly govern the country, Malaysia would not be what it is today now... we would be reaching for the star !!


RaZ said...

The problem with our country are not the rules whether it is the NEP, ISA, public smoking or rear seat belts.

The problem with the above said rules are the enforcement. Artchan said that the Malays are nice and gentle people. He is 110% correct! Too nice and too gentle. And generous too. The Malays even gave a whole wonderful island to the Chinese. Cuz: 'Semua bolih diberes.' There is no such thing as game over here (unless of course, one is a nobody.) A 'get out of jail card' is always an option.

This is the only country where if one get caught for a crime, one can still wriggle one way out, first the with the police, if cannot, there are always the judges and even if that also cannot, have no fear, the prison wardens are ever willing to help.

The Malays need to be 'assholes.' But not to the other races. They need to be 'assholes' to their own race.

Only then, can the Malays be 'assholes' to everyone else.

Likewise about huddud laws. It cannot be just for the Muslims, it must be for everyone. Then it is fair.

For the other races to argue it should not apply to them because of religious and/or cultural difference is no different the the Malays arguing for NEP.

Like it or not, Malaysia by constitution is an Islamic country - by definition of its official religion. We should be stoning to death the likes Chua Soi Lek for his adulteries or even Anwar Ibrahim for his sexual adventures.

But that's the problem, we are Malays.... Cannot! Tak bolih! Hukumannya dashat sangat. Tak kena dengan kesalahannya. Kesalahan-kesalahan itu ketinggalan zaman. Kesian dia sikit. Dia lain bangsa.

It does not matter to me if we follow Saudis' harsh huddud law or California's liberal moral enactments. My contempt for women in 'hijab' is the same as two males kissing each other. But whichever we choose, it should be done properly and implemented judiciously.

For as long as the Malays compromise, this country will struggle along towards its objectives. We will bitch and moan about all the injustices, we may correct some of them along the way, but sure as hell it will be a long and hard journey.

Which actually is not such a bad thing. At least there are so much drama and 'sandiwara' to keep it interesting, sensational and sometimes explosive.

Maverick SM said...


The only point I do agree with you is your first para: The only problem are not the rules or NEO but the enforcement and implementation, including its biases.

Whethere the Malays need to be assholes to their own or to others, I do not know.

I do not agree that the Hudud law or the Syariah Law should be implemented on the non-Muslims as it is clearly outline in the Quran that Syariah Laws are only applicable to the Muslims. At no time is Malaysia a Islamic State and nor can Syariah Law be implemeted against the non-Muslims as is clearly spelt out in the Federal Constitution.

I do agree with the general view that Malays are nice and gentle people; equally, it can be observed that the other races, including the Indians, Chinese, Sikhs, Iban, Malanau, Kadazans, and all others are also nice people. The Malays even gave a whole wonderful Island to the Chinese? What a bullshit and the ignorance of history. Why don't you say the Indonesians conquered Malaysia and make themselves the son of the soil and condemn the orang aslis to become the pariahs? Do you read history that Siamese and the Chinese arrived and lived in Malaysia well before Parameswara and the Indonesians who later became the proclaimants? I do not wish to debate this subject as the Malays are extremely sensitive to such discussions which could be construed as seditious and inciteful. PERIOD.

As a Malaysian, I do not accept Saudi's law nor California's moral enactment. I respect and accept the Federal Constitution which our forefathers have agreed upon which gives birth to the nation called Malaysia.

I rest my case.

RaZ said...


Like most people, you assume to much. The only opinion I express were on the asshole bit, 'hijab' and 'gay rights.'

The rest were facts.

Of course, one can perceive the formation of Singapore as a cede by Malaysia or independence from Malaysia. Either way, Malaysia gave it away as in the British gave Malaysia its independence. I did not express any opinion on the right or wrong or why. Nor do I wish to.

And your opinion on application of certain laws for certain communities is definitely flawed and based on 'compromise.'

Don't be too quick to quote the Quran. The Quran never stipulated the concept of Syariah. It is actually the other way round.

Beside getting it wrong somtimes, quoting the Quran can also be taken out of context. Taken out of context, the Quran also state that it is alright to kill infidels or to rape captured infidel women or own slaves.

Coming back to the issue of laws. My point is that it does not matter what law it is. Huddud, traffic or moral. It is up to the community to decide.

But laws should be applicable to everyone regardless race, color or creed. But the phrase 'No one is above the law' does not apply to Malaysia because we have a different set of laws for the Muslims.

Now we even have a different set of laws for the Singaporeans who need not buckle up at the back.

We have these anomalies because we are a society that tends to compromise. And that was my whole point.

We cannot comprise all the time. We sometimes have to play the zero-sum game. Sometimes there are gonna be winners, and the losers have to accept that.

Anonymous said...

Raja Nazrin like all the other Sultans are full of Shit. Screwing white women and driving fast cars are their only contribution to Malaysia.