Monday, February 02, 2009

Bayi's Story: Chinese Torture

A handsome young man was traveling through the jungle. Growing tired, he passes by a house and decides to ask if they could put him up for the night. After he knocks on the door, and a young sweet girl opens the door. The youthful traveler asks if he could stay the night. The girl had to asked her grandfather to permit this young guy to stay. The grandfather agrees on condition that -- the handsome young man doesn't fool around with his granddaughter. The old man warns him that if he does screw his granddaughter, he will perform the three greatest Chinese tortures on him. The traveler agreed, and the old man lets him in.

After dinner, the young man chats with the granddaughter, who has the look of Sharon Stone and the lips of Angelina Jolie. After he figures that the old man is asleep, he goes into her room and makes love to her.

The next morning, the man awakes with a 100-lb rock on his chest with a sign reading, "First Chinese torture: wake up with 100-pound rock on chest."

Being a strong man, the traveler thinks nothing of it. He picks up the rock and throws it out the window.

On the back of the rock, there is another sign reading "Second Chinese torture: right ball tied to rock."

Thinking quickly, the traveler jumps out the window. On the other side of the window, there is another sign reading, "Third Chinese torture: left nut tied to bed post."

Moral of the Lesson: Check your balls, always!



Purple~MushRooM said...

Hahahah!! OMgosh!!! I can feel his excruciating pain!!! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

But he has still one little precious teste left, which does not qualify him to be an eunuch.

June.W said... funny. Good moral.

dee3 said...

at least he had balls in the first place? (winks)

Simone Zain said...

Ball and gall. You can't have both! LOL!

engkaulah said...

"Moral of the Lesson: Check your balls, always!"

Before and after...hahahaha...!!

Maverick SM said...


You're having fun... take pain killer!!!


hehehe... the moral lesson? for men only!!!


Ya, he had balls; but one of it is crushed...

Simone Zain,

hahaha... ya, can't have both.


you are right: before and after!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should subject all those jumping frogs from that tin mining state to this chinese torture to make them less man... aiyoh cannot la...woman how???

samson said...

Ha!ha! heard this somewhere...still made me chuckle