Monday, February 09, 2009

Did they Remember the "Natang"?

About 1000 people gathered at the Ipoh City Hall field this afternoon to declare their support for the Malay Rulers.

The event was organized by Umno Youth and several NGOs including GPMS.

Umno Youth members came in from other states like Selangor, Penang, Negri Sembilan and Kedah to joun their Perak counterparts at the gathering.

"Elements like Karpal Singh who do not respect the sultans should disappear from the face of the earth", According to GPMS vice-president Jais Abdul Karim.

The crowd held banners, one of which read 'Nizar penderhaka Melayu Zaman moden', and shouted 'Daulat Tuanku'.

In his short address at the gathering, Khairy Jamaluddin suggested that the Perak Sultan should banish Mond Nizar from the state as many started to burn posters of the ousted menteri besar on the field.

Do we all remember the displayed word - Natang?

I presumed those who understands Bahasa Malaysia knows what it means without the need of dictionary.

Did they forget this banner displayed in Terengganu by Umno and Umno Youth members?

What did they call our DYTM Yang di Pertuan Agong who is also the DYMM Sultan of Terengganu?

What did our PM says about the decision by DYMM Sultan Terengganu and our present Agong?


Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi defended his choice of former MB Datuk Idris Jusoh for the post, saying “the appointment of anyone other than Idris is unconstitutional and invalid.” He said this was because the majority of the assemblymen in Terengganu wants Idris, the Jertih assemblyman to be reappointed the MB.


Did Umno Youth forgot about their protest against the Sultan of Terengganu on the appointment of Ahmad Said?


Pergerakan Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri Terengganu semalam sebulat suara membantah dan menolak campur tangan istana dalam pelantikan Menteri Besar yang tertangguh hampir dua minggu sejak Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12, pada 8 Mac lalu.


Did they forgot about 1988 Constitutional crisis involving the Sultans?

Did they forgot about the Perlis MB saga in March 2008 where words used was contemptuous against the Sultan of Perlis?


"But the Raja's decision was to appoint another person, I do not know why," Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said. He also said that no one should go against Abdullah's decision but should instead respect his leadership. "This is Barisan Nasional's pride. If there is no respect for Barisan Nasional and Umno, who else will respect them?


"No one should go against Abdullah's decision ... no respect for BN and Umno? The Sultan of Perlis went against Abdullah's decision and accordingly it must be construed as a disrespect to Umno and BN? Saying the Sultan had disrespect to Umno, must, in the context of GPMS earlier statement be construed as treason too!

Selective memory!!!


Anonymous said...

obviously UMNO got too many "UNITED MONKEYS NO OTAKS" in the already dumb and haggard organization. to make it worst, Monkeys Orgamnization is headed by Babboon and soon-to-be The C4 Bomber, The Shit Al Najis. pity those Monkeys members giving their brains to KJ and The Shit to chart their life destiny. May PR take over the Government and open up large scale Forest Reserve in the country for these blindless babboons and Monkeys to roam around.

engkaulah said...

BN's support for the Sultan at this stage is no comfort as UMNO can do a reversal anytime when it suits their purpose.

Perhaps we should strip the citizenship of those who demonstrated against the Sultan of Terengganu first.

Chicken Ball said...

True! So true!

I remember during 1988 Constitutional crisis.... almost every local newspapers sing to Mahathir's chorus!

If anyone should be banish... Mahathir and most of his cabinet at that time will be 1st in the line!

And all those editors of local daily should follow suit.... LOL!

June.W said...

they only support if thought they can get some 'a-hem a-hem' in the future...all this support, ~~sigh~~... duit punya pasal-lah

zakwan said...

The people of UMNO r hypocrites of the worst kind
Bribery,kidnappin,threats,forceful coersion,attempted murder,undemocratic coup.
UMNO has fallen into the same league as Zionist Laknatullah
Mark my words,UMNO goons(Najis,Shit Albar,khairy,kerismuddin etc) will end up in the same hellhole as Ariel Sharon,Ehud Olmert,Ehud Barak,Yitzhak Rabin etc lest they repent n follow the true path of Islam

Anonymous said...



CK said...

what else to expect? they are UMNO mah....

but what i would not like to see is that the PR turn into another UMNO esp PKR is the highest at risk. if they want to play the defection game, in or out also have to accept, not only one-sided.

KJ can go to *&^% with TDM berpelukan bersama-sama.

Hasrul Halid said...

Bro Maverick SM,

Say No To Lompat party!

moo_t said...

Although the country gain independent for more than 4 decades, but many people, especially those inside umno, still live in colonisation mindset.

Anonymous said...

even ahmad rithauddin thinks these umno punks & pompaun wings should be disband... a fertile breeding ground for corruptions.

Anonymous said...

i) charge them umno goons with TREASON too
ii) REVOKE the citizenships too
iii) all pr members lodge police reports THROUGHOUT the country. they play number game, pr has enough to take them on - one to one.


Anonymous said...

'Daulat Tunku'

'Daulat Tunku'


Anonymous said...

Khairy, as umno youth deputy telling a bunch of idiots to do the 'necessary'...

wtf do he mean by 'necessary'

now we are telling his god to do the 'necessary' to him as well...

toolan said...

I forgot about all this incident, thanks for reminding. Goes to show what type of people is in BN, all oxymorons!
You are right, they only want to hear and say what goes their way, anything else is disrespect lah, betray lah etc etc etc.

marc lau said...

it always happens everywhere, when there's a circus, you,ll see clowns like khairy jumping around....

Geronimo said...

Are there supposed to be some pictures accompanying your article. All I can see are two blank spaces. Thanks.