Monday, April 06, 2009

BN's sexy girls fish for votes

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They came in droves for the dinner bash last night at Kampung Sepetang, Taiping, and the crowd of about 1,500 were definitely hooked.

The bait was simply irresistible. Nope. It was not the delectable spread of steam fish and herbal chicken but rather three scantily clad women.

It is a dinner organised by Barisan Nasional to lure votes for the upcoming Bukit Gantang parliamentary by-election, where Chinese support is crucial.

Donning BN-blue tank-tops, hot pants with 'fishnet' stockings and boots, the girls sizzled the inhabitants of the Kampung Baru Sepetang fishing village.

Among the top leaders enjoying the show was Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the newly-elected Umno vice-president and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in-charge of Islamic affairs.

Also present at the dinner was BN candidate for Bukit Gantang Ismail Saffian.

When questioned whether such performances would translate into votes for BN, Ahmad Zahid said that they were a "part of the Chinese culture".

Zahid said: "We also respect Chinese customs. In fact, we should respect the customs of all races."

"For example, only 20 percent of the voters in my constituency are Chinese. However, I still visit Chinese temples and attend Chinese funerals," he said.

"By using women to lure voters, she said, BN government is enabling and encouraging a sexist culture," Selangor Community Awareness Association (Empower)president Maria Chin Abdullah said in a statement today.

Full news at BN's sexy girls fish for votes and Don't use women as bait, BN told


I agree this is very much a Chinese culture. I applaud Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for showing such great respect and admiration for our Chinese culture.

I think Gambling is also Chinese culture.

Playing with Fire crackers, particularly during the Chinese New year is surely part of Chinese culture.

Lion dance is also Chinese culture.

Prostituting and prostitute may be be considered a Chinese culture too, but asinine and saifulling is surely NOT Chinese culture.

The new Umno leaders seem to be very considerate to Chinese culture!!!



Anonymous said...

looking at sweet young thing, better than listening to mahathir talking cock...

Moo... said...

Gangsterism or Triad is also Chinese culture. So legalised it... ha ha ha

Yan said...

Offering/giving & receiving bribes is also a distinct Chinese culture same as gambling. In fact this Ang Bow thing is from Chinese. Do UMNO respect these culture also?
In fact many Malaysians participated in it but it's not yet legalised.

Anonymous said...

c4 mongolian oso someone culture, ya?

hasilox said...

makan dinner or makan amoi? lol

Anonymous said...

zahid, which one u wan huh?

fresh mandate or flesh mandate...?

Anonymous said...

this umno no. 1 iman simply love chinese culture - eat, drink & be merry & also with lots of piow mei dancing half naked.

AnakPenang said...

PPl, we have installed our new Sex PM, so what would you expect from him and his goons; more Sex and $$$...

Anonymous said...

these people of so ignorant of another races culture. really like "katak bawah tempurung".

Hope said...

My goodness. How shallow can people be... those skimpy-clothing girls would translate to votes.

Anonymous said...

UMINO is fast in adopting Chinese culture.

Anonymous said...

Umno is promoting sex. This is the most craziest things done by UMNO. M'sia is plunging deeper into corruption.

CK said...

haha... i also notice that. gosh.... is this the ahmad zahidi who's credentials in islamic study?

denzook said...

nais. i don find it's offensive anyway. in fact i regret that such singing and dancing not happened in previous ge in my constituency :(....

denzook said...

nais. i don find it's offensive anyway. in fact i regret that such singing and dancing not happened in previous ge in my constituency :(....

mike said...

Hear me, "this is not Chinese culture". Where did this moron get his facts from?!? This is entertainment-lah, to woo sex-starved and BN cronies. Idiot.

Gukita said...

I feel shame...

Anonymous said...

I wish I'm a Chinese, anyway I'll in touch with my Chinse friends lo. sure dapat 'sedekah' lo.

Anonymous said...

Dont give this bulshit that its Chinese culture. Its also Malay culture. Dont believe, see for yourself how similar Malay leaders' culture on

Maverick SM said...


Not legalize it lah ... close one eye should be okay lah.


Nowadays, Ang Pow is practice by all races. Bribing is not Chinese culture lah; giving money is.


Makan dinner with songs.

Anak Penang,

No sex PM. Only sexy singers providing entertainment to fishermen.


Ya, skimpy-clothed girls often translate to votes.


Nothing to do with Ahmad zahid. he just close his eyes and he is being considerate.Please appreciate, ok!


I also share your point of view.


No lah, we Chinese often have them.


Why shame? It's not a Muslim function. It's a Chinese function attended by Ahmad and the Calon.

mike said...

By the way, guys, we won in the Peninsula. No amount of "flesh" and "Chinese culture" is going to change the fact that, well, change is coming. A round of applause to the 2 Bukits. Hear, hear.

Anonymous said...

PR won places Zahid crazy for Amoi char-seong-peen pao! typical lor, want some in public act shy shy... backdoor, amoi panties alsoi can do mah!

Anonymous said...

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