Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sensational B.U.M. 2009 Night

The 16th May 2009 was another great achievement for B.U.M. organizing committee.

The crowd were filled with bloggers and non-bloggers who were there to make the day pleasant and fulfilling.

The man of the night was non other than Tun Dr Mahathir who is his usual self and of course, the usual great speaker. In fact, he shared some nice jokes with the audience.

In Mahathir's view, the fifth estate has arrived and will be the new paradigm.

Rocky's Bru did a great job. Desiderata was a good organizing chairman. Dr Lim Teck Ghee provided an excellent leadership and an excellent sponsor.

I had a nice time. This is my third B.U.M. and I am looking forward to May 2010.

Blogspot is giving me some tough time as it's slow in uploading my pictures. I will add more pictures here tomorrow. It's late now and I need to get to bed. Goodnite!

P/S: Primrose Frances, cull your pictures here, okay!!!
(I will post some pictures of the other speakers and friends tomorrow)



lucia said...

glad you had a good time, mave.

have people forgotten about the first BUM? (bum 2007).i did not attend the 2nd BUM because being in the 1st BUM, together we did talk about organising the 2nd BUM but when it did, i was left out in the cold. so i know when i'm not welcome and i will not ever attend any BUM. (oh and esp. when the old man is present? eeeyeooww!!)

well mave, you and friends continue to bum around throughout the years and have fun!

suealeen said...

Padanlah tak de blogger laporkan tentang ceramah perdana (Krisis Perak : Demokrasi Tercabar) di Stadium Melawati semalam. Di Stadium Shah Alam, ada perlawanan bola, di sini ada BUM pulak.

Primrose said...

Wow Mave, thanks!! You can replace them with other speakers now. Hehe. I have taken what I need...

Jefus said...

for all the seditious remarks he spews, should be thankful that the msm is practising self censorship.

william yeoh said...

It is a great experience but i had to cut short my time there to be with mother and my wife. Never easy to balance my time but i met Tun M before personally, thus i decided to left before his arrival to back home. Will be back next year, Primrose remember to me a ride on your new car, for owe me a lunch ok as i share my lose weight technic with you, for Mob 1900, great to meet you and so many other frens..ADIOS

A Voice said...

After all this years, I get to meet you finally. I mistaken you at BUM 2007 for someone else.

Yesterday I saw 2 UMNO blogger chat up with 2 PKR blogger outside cordially. Prior to this, they were hantam-ing each other. For sure, they will be more civil after this.

That is what Bloggers Meet is about. With the physical interaction, we become more civil and polite. It does not mean we will not stop to "agree to agree" or "argee to disagree".

I hope BUM is not exploited by any group to rally their point of view but is used "to promote a healthy and civil discourse with balanced viewpoints from both or many sides of the many divides".

Always bear in mind that only compromises and tolerance of differences the way will move things forward, and not dogma, rhetorics, slogans, clliche, and politics.

Primrose said...

Hi William, I hope I have a new car by next year then. Haha!

Maverick SM said...


I remembered all the 3 years of BUM and you were part of us. Just that you preferred to remember things that are no more relevant.

We have to move on and being Christians, to forgive and forget. There's a long journey in life and we should not allow trivialities to ramp us down.


I didn't know about the other events. As regard bola sepak, I prefer EPL.


You got what you wanted and now tells me to replace, eh??


Why were you not with us at BUM2009?


You should have stayed... it was fun.

A Voice,

Ya, it is good to have chatted with you and to get to know you better. Let's have more sessions to meet up.


I am confident you will have your new car - BMW!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, A Voice from Hi Noon and Desi from Midnight -- finally we met up to "agree to disagree" eh! Che3ers! Let's tehtari' so-ON! No need to wait 4BUM2010, brudder mave may charge RM120 by then -- INflaTION no?!--YL, Desi

ewoon said...

To Lucia ...

Grow up, please.

When we cannot sit on the same table to "agree to disagree," how can you expect this to happen for the whole nation?

There will always be differences of opinions. But let's be civil nevertheless.

lucia said...

you have no idea at all about the actual situation so please refrain from asking me to grow up (who are you anyway??).

it's not a matter of disagreeing at all but much more than that.

btw, 'the old man' i mentioned in my earlier comment was our ex PM lah. unlike many others, with him present, all the more made me don't want to attend.

Anonymous said...

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