Sunday, May 10, 2009

Uthaya released; a new Indian paradigm

The BN government must be applauded for releasing most of the detainees under the ISA. But, BN may stand to regret for releasing Uthaya.

Uthaya was just a normal Indian in those days. Syed Hamid Albar made him a hero for the Indians and his unconditional release amid the duress he went through, being thrown out of the detention camp for reasons that he refused to sign an unconditional release letter, would served as a stigmata accompanying a new spiritual idol.

Uthaya went home, driving from Kamunting with convoys and outriders numbering more than 100, an event which we would observed reservedly for kings and prime minister (and of course, the exceptional Mat Rempit events). But Uthaya had this distinction accorded. In fact when he greeted his supporters, they even bow down to him and kiss his feet. This "Feet Kissing" sents my cognitive faculty to ponder the writings of the days of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. Period.

Would Uthaya, the spiritual idol worshiped by the Indians, bore the stigma of MIC's natural demise and give rise to a new Indian hope, a new expectations and a new social paradigm?

Whatever it may be, it should give the Indians a far greater hope than before.

Will he becomes the One Black Malaysia or One Feared Malaysia?

The social landscape is set for complexities and divergence.


Gan said...

I applaud Uthaya's tenacity in upholding his beliefs and principles !

He is ONE man (of many) who will NOT be cowed.

I hope all of us regardless of colour and creed will work and unite as 1 Malaysian to wipe out BN (UMNO) tyranny !

bayi said...

Yes, wipe out BN's WangMalaysia!

Anonymous said...

not untill that 1/2 value gang still terrorising the indians.

Anonymous said...

this guy has real balls.

my respect for him though I wish he could widen his agenda to include other races to make it truly bangsa malaysia.

Wood said...

My respect to this man for his principles... Hope there are more of such men around.

Jefus said...

Back to basics:

Respect is earned,..... not bought.