Sunday, June 28, 2009

Halimah M. Sadique: The Superwoman of CVLB

What she said makes me sit up and feel good. We now have a person who would put the CVLB right and upright. She is Datuk Halimah Mohamad Sidique. She is the newly appointed chaorman of Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB)

Could the public transportation woes be resolved?

"Yes, I think we can," she said.

I believed her! I think she can. I'm sure it is not a mere puff nor is she a braggart. She has a lot of determination and the will.

"I am here not because I am a woman but because it is expected of me to get the job done. When the minister called me, I knew this was one challenge I could not say no to, neither could I fail."

After taking over from Datuk Markiman Kobiran on June 15, Halimah's first move was to draft an action plan to ensure the board meets the Key Performance Indicator set.

"First, I have to study the CVLB Act 1987, its functions and role. Then we will seek expert advice and solutions to public transportation issues.

"KPI is all about delivering the best to the people.

"To be successful means to satisfy the needs of the people and that will be CVLB's very own KPI."

"CVLB has to serve the people from both sides of the fence -- the operators as well as the passengers.

Unfortunately, the reality is far removed from the ideal. The operators have a long list of complaints and the users suffer poor and unreliable service.

"We have to come up with solutions to end, once and for all, these woes. With a proper system and workable action plan, we can," says Halimah.

Halimah said some of the complaints were about city taxis charging exorbitant fares, refusing to use the meter or sub-letting the taxi to foreigners.

"We will proceed with refresher courses for both taxi and bus drivers while increasing the enforcement operations to nab errant drivers."

There is an urgent need to re-educate the drivers on delivering good service.

CVLB hopes to get 50 express bus companies to have online-ticketing systems and their own web portal for easy access and 20 companies to use the global positioning system on their buses, by the end of the year.

"The GPS system will allow us to monitor the movement of the buses and whether the drivers stick to their routes and if they are speeding."

Halimah said she also hoped to make the headquarters and the regional offices more conducive for staff and clients.

"Do not imagine I'm ordering bouquets for the side tables. Conducive here would mean serving our clients better by providing them more useful information and assistance."

Her goal before the end of the two-year contract is to see a change of mindset of public transport operators.

"I want to see a day when we get into the taxi and be greeted by the cab driver with 'Yes Encik, where would you like to go?'

Yes, Halimah, I have high hope on you that it will happen and we are resting our hope on you. It's being a long time since I heard of such intellectually sound management processes and action plans. I hope she will get it right soonest.

Source: NST



Anonymous said...

politician always talk first and think if ever later.

Anonymous said...

another NATO...

Anonymous said...


hei, didn't that musa guy said the same thing when he became the police chief...

as the saying goes... those who talk the most, end up doing the least.

artchan said...

somehow...i t feel she is just another syiok sendiri exrcise...saying what the press/public likes to hear.

She has great many plans....I need only one for her to do..take care of the taxi problems as she has show her mettle.....

Another round of hot air....???

Anonymous said...

Talk is both cheap & easy.

Wait till she discovers that CVLB is one of the cash source of umno then whatever actions/KPI planned will go down the drain like nothing happened!

moo_t said...

In Bolehland , we talk cock until sheep come in a sack, AKA "Ayam Kambing Bag". ;)

CVLB is born under Bolehland Boleh spirit.

In the age of information (although Malaysia government still run it like industrialisation age), it is all about info consolidation, info collaboration. The society are so complex now, one department cannot close the door play sentences to make things work.

How the hell CVLB can "help" to solve the traffics problem if
- population demographic info is scatters in local councils, state government, human resource development department.
- demographic of road from MoT
- private vehicle registration info held by MoT.
- Public transport policies are draft by a bunch of pork barrels officer, allow monopoly such as "rapid" (AKA rabid).

And how about the INFAMOUS call to build a new hub for central bus station. A wows more than 25 years, longer than T.M tenant. And the Tun Boleh, with gazillion times more power the CVLB head, can't make it work, I wonder how her "will" power can make things work compare to Tun Boleh.

moo_t said...

GPS in Bus? online ticketing system.

oh dear, typical Bolehland policies maker habits of SHOW OFF "work can be done".

"The GPS system will allow us to monitor the movement of the buses and whether the drivers stick to their routes and if they are speeding."

I roll my again and again.This is yet another Bolehland ways of solving problem by introduce more gadgets and more problem, BUT NEVER about looking into the root of the problem.

I am willing to increase my bet to RM0.50 that old problem will not solved until we change government with a different work culture.

artchan said...

GPS in Bus...of course..of course!!!!!..what will happen next..CVLB will come out with a supplier..all must buy from that supplier.....

Sounds familiar...remember the black box..must buy from only one supplier..and after all the stocks sold out..and the black box was a f8cked-up box which does not work.....those who fitted on the buses felt screwed...and the black box died quietly...and the buggger who sold it laughed to the bank. And who was the black box supplier??

Anonymous said...

tengah dok kira berapa lesen yarikat bas nak bagi kat adek beradek dan kroni omno.

Jefus said...


u die hard optimist,.. u must tell me what u put inside your coffee.

And Moo T Art Chen et al,....
GPS in bus? Any one remember what happened to that flying saucer that was on all the Airport Limo a few years back? Did they all fly back home or what?

footnote: for those who dont understand, its a joke lar, pls dont get upset,....

artchan said...


i remember that..we used to call it nipple had a giant nipple on the roof..visitors to our country will always laugh when they see one.

Lucky they did not have a sat/nav device on the roof that look like a phallus. That would really be incredible. But who know someday, some smart salesman would be able to sell the idea to the govt.

Anonymous said...

yeah mave,
i think too that you trust her too soon. it's too early to make you bet before you can even see if the horse can even run its track.

Anonymous said...