Monday, June 15, 2009

Poem for today

May you be blessed
by Kate Nowak

With all things good
May your joys,
Like the stars at night,
Be too numerous to count

May your victories
Be more abundant
Than all the grains of sand
On all the beaches
On all the oceans
In all the world

May lack and struggles
Only serve to make you stronger
And may beauty, order and abundance
Be your constant companions

May every pathway you choose
Lead to that which is
Pure and Good and Lovely

May every doubt and fear
Be replaced by a deep, abiding trust
As you observe evidence
Of a HIGHER POWER all around you

And when there is only darkness
And the storms of life are closing in
May the light at the core of your being
Illuminate the world

May you always be aware
You are loved beyond measure
And may you be willing
To love UNCONDITIONALLY in return

May you always feel protected
And cradled in the arms of God
Like the CHERISHED CHILD you are

And when you are tempted to judge,
May you be reminded
That we are ALL ONE
And that every thought you think
Reverberates across the universe
Touching everyone and everything

And when you are tempted to hold back
May you remember that
Love flows best when it flows freely
And it is in giving
That we receive the greatest gift

May you always have music and laughter
And may a rainbow follow every storm

May gladness wash away every disappointment
May joy dissolve every sorrow
And may love ease every pain

May every wound bring wisdom
And may every trial bring triumph
And with each passing day
May you live more abundantly than the day before

May you be blessed
And may others be blessed by you

This is my heartfelt wish for you
May you be blessed.



June.W said...

thnx Mave...for a nice poem

Anonymous said...

May GOD bless us all Mave...

but not the corrupt putras and MCA ah-chongs lah... where got fair like that one!

Maverick SM said...

June W,

Hope you like it as I like it.

Anon 8:24pm

Just enjoy the poem as it has all the virtues of mankind.

Anak Merdeka said...

Bless you too, Mave! I love this poem .. thanks!

Maverick SM said...


Nice to know you like it too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem sharing here. I am regular and started to get boring. After your hoo-hah meeting with old man camp, you lost your touch here.