Friday, July 03, 2009

News for today: Registration of voters - whose right or who is right?

The DAP and PAS set-up a table for the voter registration exercise at Taman Melaka Baru, Bukit Katil, Malacca. The counter was set-up to facilitate the public to register and become voters. They were helping out the Election Commission to register voters. The EC issued authority cards for them to do this.

At about 6.30pm, a group of people from Umno Youth came and started jeering and harassing them.

About two hours later, a senior state Umno youth division leader who was with the group kicked the table used for registration.

Malacca PAS information chief Sofi Wahab reported that Umno Youth members acted as like thugs, and had even taunted the local council workers.

An Umno youth division leader, shouted vulgarities aimed at DAP and PAS leaders.

Bukit Katil Umno Youth secretary Safrie Abdullah when contacted confirmed the incident but claimed that they were provoked by the Pakatan Rakyat members.

"Last week it was the DAP youth and this week they brought PAS members with them. Such exercise should stop as they do not represent the EC," he said.

Source: Malaysiakini


Safrie said Umno believes the local residents' association was against the setting-up of such counter by Pakatan members to register voters. They preferred Umno members to register them. It is hope that Pakatan members should not try to provoke Umno and the rakyat. Please let Umno do this deed. They are entitled to do it and if they did not, it is not to be construed that they would not. So, please be sensitive to the people. If the DAP wants to do it, that's fine. Please do not get PAS to jointlly do it as it is not proper.



moo_t said...


I bet, if somebody use PM oneMalaysia AKA M-one-Y, it will be settled.

Anonymous said...

Common sense prevails.

When Monkeys no longer given bananas for their survival meals, these Monkeys will go on madness rampage 'amoks' etc and start attacking the public.

More so when the Giant Gorilla removed the 30% jungle quotas for natural habitat survival, Monkeys will do what they gotta to do like Monkeys do.

Dont we all along aware of such Monkeys around us all....

Anonymous said...

typical UMNO boorish behaviour and the usual "being provoked" excuse. when will they become a bit more civilised?

hey, assisting malaysians to register as voetrs considered "provocation"? darn,thats a real clincher for NONSENSE.

Maid in UMNO said...

Maybe they should get some maids from China and some from Indonesia to help with the registration? Then all will be well, hopefully?

Anonymous said...

UMNO is UMNO ! What u expect from them? They said they are caring. Rakyat first. But reality is different! Pity this blogger who wrote "MANA PERGI JANJI “KERAJAAN BERJIWA RAKYAT? ADUAN KEPADA PERDANA MENTERI TIDAK MENDAPAT RESPONS !" in his blog

Anonymous said...

Rakyat first as long as UMNO is in control and UMNO is making all the money, getting all the fat contracts, dictating all the terms, getting all the kangtau, etc.

Anonymous said...

the sil should be questioned !