Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mystery & Mysticism

“There are a lot of mysteries in Shah Alam. Nobody knows how Teoh Beng Hock died. If you ask MACC, they will probably say that the cow committed suicide,” Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said.

It’s unfortunate that after 52 years of independence, this is the kind of situation we have,” Khalid said.

They assume too much and feel they have more rights than what they have,” the PAS leader added.

Read the full news report at The Malaysia Insider



Anonymous said...

dun fuss lah : they were offering the 'cow-head' with prayers to their god !!!!!!!

Wood said...

Poor Holy cow.

Will the BN gomen hold a royal commission on why and how the cow committed suicide?

Anonymous said...


is a fantastic one to GORE the BN with. Imagine the posters, toons and much more.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Toyol bugger is behind this..

artchan said...

Acording to MACC (malaysian agency for cows and cows), the cow was last seen sleeping in the field after released by the Sec 23 protesters. A few hours later, the cow was last seen at Sec 19 having a drink at the Mamak shop.
At about noon just after friday prayers, the head of the cow just appeared outside the gates of the building (like it just fell from the sky)
and the rest of the cows in Section 19 and 23 told Mahyuddin...go f2ck yourself for being an idiot

Jefus said...

Exit polls show his Democratic Party of Japan overwhelmingly defeated the Liberal Democratic Party, which has governed almost unbroken since 1955.

After ruling Japan for 54 years, the LDP can be ousted. There are lessons to learnt from this event. It can be done.

CK said...

khalid samad should be helming Selangor PAS instead of that despicable Hasan Ali.

Anonymous said...

the quoted 'statement' is by MB Khalid and not Khalid Samad.

Cheers !


Anonymous said...

funny Mave,
Gomen and Opposition should get United Monkeys No Otaks leadership to call for Royal Commission to investigate the reason why the COW COMMITTED SUICIDE.

get all the professional tan sris and datuk seris, including the PIG to be member of the RCI...

surely this affect the nation economic growth since the news has been highligted globally!

La Cha Mau said...

Mave, what mystery? Nasib has all the answers cos' HE wants Selangor back in the fold at whatever the costs. "Do What Is Necessary" is now the buzzword. The last time this occurred was when a certain foreign lady swam ashore but didn't manage to swim back.

Anonymous said...

if TBH had jumped by himself from the 14th ....his head , macam water-melon, would have ' smashed & splashed' ; why should he leave his sony hp behind !?
someone or 'they' put his 'dead' body there ...!

Anonymous said...

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