Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Cow did not come home - More cow news

You need to be aware of what those others are doing, "applaud" their efforts, acknowledge their "successes", and "encourage" them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, "everybody" wins.

-- Jim Stovall


Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim has decided to shelve the temple relocation plan in Shah Alam following fierce objections from Section 23 residents at a two-hour public dialogue this morning.

“We should not be cowed by this group of people. Although this group will continue to be there, this will not stop us from finding the best solution for all, and we should not take this as a deterrent but as a challenge for us to prove them wrong,” said Abdul Khalid.

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Section 23 residents' action committee chairperson Mahyuddin Manaf told reporters that the police should investigate both Khalid Samad and Rodziah for "posting seditious postings on their blogs". (read the article at: Malsysiakini: Vocal discontent, dissent and despair at temple talks

Erh? what about the cow as khircow? Candle cannot? Cow can? What can and what cannot? Blur sotong!



Anonymous said...

Watch the malasiakini video - @7.20 to 7.40 - see what the long haired dude does.

sinkeh said...

I am glad the Selangor PR Government is not giving in.

Anonymous said...

mahyu...., malu laa lu , started the api , now lagi mau cakap manyak ...!

Gukita said...

I dont know the real issue and cannot pretend to know what is at the root of the problem. Political menuevering is definitely one of the strong reason. The Fallen MB seemed to be in somewhere, trying to gain something.

Whatever the issue, there is need to remain level headed. All those blood thirsty antics (or seemingly so) must be shed away. The MB have come to settle the problem, so why must these people not use his presence to the fullest rather than moronic acts of 'perasaan' show?? However the opposition (looking at Federal perspective) is also not free these mindless acts.. Both sides have their antics and these are retrogressing from the path of civility.

Looking at it dispassionately, there is a concern when a Hindu Temple is located in Muslim dominated area.. However Khir Toyo's idea of clustered site just show how much is his thinking prowess... No Muslim would want clustered site for masjid because of difficulty of performing 5 times prayer and not consonet to the Teaching which advocate the mosque as a communal centre. Though Hindus do not pray 5 times, there are also a measure of the same..

When interests are at collission teh best course if of course the negotiation table. Have MB Khalid taken on this course before the issue came to boiling point? If he has then it is the other party who are using this as issues to instigate and what is apparent is the Malay saying of `Ludah ke Langit, Jatuh ke Muka Sendiri'.. Their behaviour as captured by the lenses were deplorable..

Anonymous said...

Pity the Cow for losing his Head to Umno morons.

for Khir, he is as good as Cow Dung for calling Cow Stupid. at least Cow do not cheat the people money to make palace.

only Toyols breed does that stuff, right Khir Toyol?

Maverick SM said...


I firmly agree with all the points you made.

However, just a point: what we can observed empirically, is there is sufficient events to correlate the plausibility that BN/Umno is directing the destabilizing of the state government of Selangor in an apparent desire to "Take Back Control" of the state. So many events had happened and the ways the police and MACC had acted so efficiently on Pakatan representatives while so slow in other aspects that relates to their own. I need not express it as everyone can envisage the apparent. I think you understand what I am trying to get at.

Gukita said...


Plainly understood. Someone in top position's contract was coincidentally extended for another year... :-(

cikgu said...

by hook or by crook, Selangor must be taken back. If you can't beat them you cheat them.

MAMC said...

...if you can't cheat 'em, wallop them hard! :)