Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Woman's power over man

This woman was seen standing outside her car, hitting her boyfriend in the groin repeatedly with her shoe, squeezing his balls; and he just took the hits without retaliating nor show any anger.

See! What a man! This is what we call a "Real Man with Balls".

Psychologist research study described such man as big, strong and friendly, and most of all, able to withstand punishments and are very forgiving. He still loves her, after all that.

Studies indicate men can withstand all kind of abuses from women, as long as he stills can ... (I forgot what's it ...)

BTW, that car driven by the lady is a Lexus. Is it okay to be punished by a Lexus girl? Tell me.


You can watch the video here:


Also read Angela K's piece here: Hell Hath No Fury


sinkeh said...

That's why Singapore girls aren't popular with Malaysian guys. You don't need Amazons in your already difficult life in this world, man!! LOL!

Singboy said...

Poor guy! His balls must have really shrunk!

Anonymous said...

You have got it all wrong! That's actually his new step-mother, and she's checking if he's wearing his underwear before sending him to ballet dancing class.

HuntressMoon said...

oh my.. she is scary. i would never do to degrade a man let alone let a man degrade me.

The most i do to a man when i am pissed off which i have done it before is to throw him out of his own room along with all his clothes until he pujuk me, picking up all his clothes and waiting for me to open the door. but balls kicking and all that.. never

bayi said...

HELL HATH NO FURY...like a woman scorned!


Anonymous said...

It takes two hands to clap. I don't think the girls was so stupid as to enter a relationship without understanding the risks. Well, obviously she didn't get what she wanted and proceeded to destroy the man's balls!

Anonymous said...

the Boss 41 yr old fella is small chap.... he got free massage for his balls and that lady, 21 yr old is 'just nice' over back-seat sexcapade!!!! being 21 and he in his 41, in tight Lexus, everything is Fun!!!!!

frankly, when was the last time we get laid in back seat with 21 yr old babe.... no way, our wife will slashes our meat balls apart to pieces for the crows lunches.

once the balls shrunks, it'll get up strong and powerful like the Lexus on the 5th Gear.

Young and nice body.... is all the men wanted, especially at past 40, after busy hard day at work!!!!

missed those moments lah!

Chang said...

He got balls of steel

Anonymous said...

this is ecstasy of agony laa !!
cuba laa baru tau syok-nya !

Anonymous said...

He should thank his lucky stars for not getting the razor blade 'treatment'...

samson said...

Me thinks the guy has got no choice but to bear it...how many pretty gals with money would give this specky nerd a glance? He would have to take it like a man if he still wants this girl!

Btw...heard from the grapevine that this guy was caught by his other half visiting China prostitutes in Geylang!