Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deceiving smile

ISA Wins!

Mohd Isa Abd Samad, former chief minister of Negri Sembilan, won with a massive majority - 5,435 votes. PAS Zulkefly Mohamad Omar could only garner a meager 2,579 votes.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said BN has won all eight polling districts, including the three Indian estates, which showed a return in support from the minority community.

"We get an almost 100 percent increase in support and this is a breakthrough for BN.

Mohd Isa said his victory showed that Malays, Chinese and Indians have all returned to give their support to BN and Umno.

But one man wasn't smiling joyously.

He's Mohamad Hassan, the current chief minister.

It's really hard to put up a smile for this man.

He may now be worried that Negeri Sembilan Umno may emulate the likes of Terengganu if the Yang Di Pertua favors ISA.

Smile, an everlasting smile,
a smile can bring you near to me ...
Don't ever let me find you'll be gone
'cause that will bring no tears from me

This world may lose its glory
when it starts a brand new story now, my dear,
Right now, there'll be no other time
and that shorty will show you how, my dear

It's only smile, and smile are not what you have, to stop the take away.


Anonymous said...

ok, it's the $$$$$$-erection bn has won !

Anonymous said...

AWAS, hassan ali, tanpa sokongan dari non-muslims...PAS boleh mati, tau ?

moo_t said...

LOL, a "good" win indeed.

IMHO, this will give a humble punch to PAS. Even better, it will make umno more arrogant than ever.
Business in NS are live under HEAVY subsidies (fertilizer,petrol,palm oil scheme,staple foods). Just wait the "right" time come and subsidies being lift off. (Same apply to Pahang, perlis,etc state)

Anonymous said...


Hassan Ali of PAS Selangor is really a Benggap Fella; look at what happened to Bagan Pinang after Hassan acted stupidly in Selangor.

Mohamad Hassan obviously cant smile now that his job is on the line.

PAS should get rid of Hassan Ali and also Nasha if they want to continue winning the Non-Muslim supports.

Anonymous said...

BP lost by pas NOT pr becoz non-muslims r fed up of pas esp h ali ...@#$%^&* !
NIZAR, pls leave pas !

Anonymous said...

Dog bites dog, just sit back ,relax and enjoy the show... hehehe...

Anonymous said...

umno got back wat has been theirs, so!? syok sendiri saja BUT how much of our blooded $$$$$$$$$$ gone fart ?
be it isa or sia & even omar or riduan oso could win for umno laa !
talok PKR oso pocik !!
masuk dap lagi wat !!
NOW, seriously ...who is keeping the
500juta commission ? @#$%^&* ..share laa ! aku 'money not enough' man !