Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Computer-literate Parliamentarians

Budget debate in Parliament.

See what the Law-makers were doing during the debate?

Do our MPs play Solitaire during parliamentary sessions?

No? Malaysian MPs are better? Or did they spent most of their time shouting at each other, make sexiest remarks and pour racial slurs ... and ultimately voted YES to any Bills without reading them? Maybe; and maybe not!


bayi said...

Very literate indeed! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Our Law-makers are funny lot. they attend, collect fees/income, open eyes, closed minds & ears, and voted YES on all rubbish that being tabled in Parliament.

Law-makers, probably 95% illiterate so they'll hurling shouting like Babboons as reflected on themselves. We the people of the masses paying for their stomach and livelihood.

Either way, the people gotten screwed up! WTF system huh.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dr, How are you? How's your corporate life? -Mmudahlupa

Maverick SM said...


Life is hectic and extremely challenging and tough. Struggling to keep the head sane.

La Cha Mau said...

Our Parliamentary authorities are not interested in what MPs want to see on their screens, they are more concerned with how much to pay for each computer etc installed so that they can calculate how much can be rerouted back to them.

Anonymous said...

i agree w/u. In my present case, struggling between work and study. Thks god. my project near completion and would handover in the next 2 mths. Transfer back to kuching next year to undertake more challenging tasks ahead - Mmudahlupa