Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday: A day of rest

Sunday is defined as a rest day. I had my rest day today. It had been restless weeks over the past few months.

I had not been blogging as much lately except for some jokes and fun stuff. Over the last few years I enjoyed blogging during my free time (even times when I am not). The brain always have something to tell and this blog was the space where I could write my thoughts. But I had not being able to do so over the last few months. The cognitive faculty could not function to churn out something to write that I used to. It's not burned out; it's not conked; it's just not motivated to write.

Maybe, the trills are gone; maybe, politics are not worth writing as its so predictable. There's also so many sites we can read all those socio-political stuffs we are anxious to read and find out. There are so many of them around: Malaysiakini, Malaysia-Today, Free Malaysia Today, and so many politicians from the political divides are bloggers.

We also have pseudo-politicians and we have also observed those who used to write critically on system dysfunctions, who now becomes converts - converting to accepting the old system of ideologies - most of whom are known to have received a second chance to helm significant roles that are rewarding, financially, benefiting from the current system administration.

So, I think I would rather write jokes, stories and junks. And I can spent more time reading books.


Anonymous said...

missing TMP, pls help to trace it, tks !

Avatar said...

Dear Maverick,

Maybe more time for introspection and contemplation will recharge your batteries.

IMHO, reading about the Malaysian SOPO developments is a bit depressing at times... And our Govt. still seems to be set in their ways. And with GST coming - looks like dark times ahead for Malaysian consumers generally.


samson said...

Aha! Jokes are good too...maybe the creative juices will come back..if not, keep the jokes coming.

Maverick SM said...


Thanks for your guidance and I will need to recharge.


Thanks for your motivating words.

Purple Haze said...


Jokes I get from emails sent to me but an individual's frank & honest opinion on SOPO developments in Malaysia, such as yours are more valuable to help understand the complexities in a simple form.

This is what you do well, not cut and paste humourous anectodes.

Maverick SM said...

Purple Haze,

I appreciate your pointers and I would do what I always do.

CK said...

i get what you say Mave. and the same for me as well. saturated i would say. i blog on movies and songs instead hahaha and i need to travel!!!!!!!!!!!