Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Chinese wants to be more Malay than the Malays?

Quote for today 1

The religion of China is Confucian;
The religion of a Malaysian Chinese is confusion."


Quote for today 2

“Just look at the shopping malls, although Christians are only nine per cent, the Christmas and New Year 2010 celebrations are incomparable to the Hari Raya and the Islamic New Year. If you do not believe, visit the states ruled by the ultra kiasu and its allies, and the shopping malls of their allies throughout the country,” cried Dr Ridhuan Tee - Ah Yam.

Ridhuan said: the Chinese are “ultra-kiasu”

Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is the Utusan Malaysia columnist


Quote for today 3

As a Muslim, we want to emphasize that Islam teaches justice. Everyone has rights. We do not accept a rule where only one race’s rights are protected simply because they are the majority. We cannot deny the minority,” said Khalid Samad who is the PAS Shah Alam MP.

“Even if there was one Buddhist in a village, he must be allowed to celebrate and practice his faith because it is his right. Just because the Malays are the majority, Islam does not say we can go around and oppress others,” stated Khalid, who sounded upset when told about the arguments made in Ridhuan’s latest article.

He added that while the original social contract of the country did provide some form of protection for Malays so that they would not be left trailing behind, that was in the past and even then that did not mean that other races were not considered as equal citizens of the country.

“It is disappointing that Ridhuan Tee is becoming more UMNO Muslim than Malay Muslim. As a Muslim convert, he should be concentrating his efforts in trying to show the truth and justice within Islam, and not trying to win acceptance from the Malay-Muslims minorities who buy into this racist sentiment.”


My dad used to tell of a man who bragged that he had been a Methodist and was now thinking of leaving the Baptist church to become a "Charismatic" movement and a preacher. My dad wished him luck. The man seemed puzzled. Dad explained that he didn’t see any harm in changing labels on an empty bottle.


A cynic once remarked that nothing is permanent except change. We live in a world of change. Everything from ladies’ shoes to legislation, from automobiles to art, from furniture to finances... and oh, religion too ... change overnight. World events seem to tumble over each other with barely enough time to happen.

In such a breath-taking age men look here and there for a point of permanence.


Kiasu? No, its Kiasi!!!



Anonymous said...

There are people who are the most kiasu of all. He's afraid of being labelled a pendatang. He's doing everything possible to avoid this.

Anonymous said...

Retailers are doing what makes money. What makes money is attracting crowds. Reindeers, fake snow, Santa Claus, singing songs and so on attract crowds. After all, attract the children and the parents follow.

The little man is unhappy probably because no one bothers to celebrate his holiday in the same way. Then again you can only go so far with ketupat decorations. This year small ketupat, next year big ketupat and then rine, lather, repeat.

Maybe if his religion were attractive then he wouldn't need to have so much hate in his heart.

nick said...

Here the PhD that he earn is "Person having Delusion" or in other word "I'm begging for scrap from my master and I will do and say and defecate where ever and when ever my master commands me...woof..woof!

Anonymous said...

During the Jap occupation of Malaya, there were Chinese who were common labelled as the Running Dogs who sold out the people to be killed or tortured by the Japs for some pats on their shoulders and a fistful of (Jap) Dollars. It now seems that there is a full blown reincarnation of a Running Dog barking ever so loudly, waiting to be patted at its arse by its master.

moo_t said...

Facts : The religion of China are money and power.

IMHO : the religion of Chinese are adaptability. Alas, isn't all human being must adapt? Except those rich and powerful.

Maybe except Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. Since he is next to Bolehland rich and powerful? Or perhaps he is one of the rich ?

Moo.... said...

An Indian Muslim is called mamak?

A Chinese Converted muslim who is more Malay than a real malay is called Chamak or Macak or more appropriately CICAK. ha ha ha

This Umno balls carrier just do not understand why his converted muslim name has the sir name 'Tee'.... ha ha ha

Jefus said...

this guy is totally delusional - his private life is probably as screwed up as his brain - no doubt!

his arguments are baseless - fear mongerer. nothing more, the general public are informed.


Anonymous said...

A Chinese Malaysian Converted muslim can become an extremist like this guy, who dare to convert now??
He is a disgrace to the Chinese. Don't ever consider him as an ethnic Chinese. He is a celup just like those extremist Indian celup who wanna to be Malay.

zewt said...

i have a friend whose surname is tee, i wonder if they are related.

K said...

Er.. Mave, this Tee lowlife is just trying to lick some balls and hope to be promoted to some more senior position in the uni.

Is best to just ignore the bugger.

Anonymous said...

WIKI = Doktor Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

A Chinese converted to Malay (not Islam)then bashing the Chinese communities to uphold the Malay (not Islam). The personality and benefit of this scumbag do for the ruling parties of Malaysia Government were full of praise in Malaysia most hated media Utusan Malaysia.

A materialistic Chinese convert was normally view as 'Chap Chen Kia' in Chinese communities mean son of the bitch or 'anak hasilan sepuluh bapak' in Bahasa Malayu.

A 'Chap Chen Kia' normally is that a species already not accepted and respect by his own clan or communities .

This species of lowest caste Paria in Chinese communities normally not accepted by his own parent, relatives and the whole communities.

In general Bumiputra view, a Chinese convert a.k.a 'saudara baru' are well praise for his action of treason to his Chinese communities even they only get the status of Bumipendatang. As a materialistic convert, Riptuan Tee can now get full excitement and enjoyment of the plentiful huge and comfortable Mosque. He can now forget the suffering of the packed and tiny temple when answering to God. But deep inside the thought of Malay communities, this species are actually an 'anjing kurap' that needed extra full attention to be groom everyday.

Once this Anjing Kurap 'mampus' (because convert Islam only to gain fame), all his ill gotten (harta haram) money and property need to be confiscated and cleans by Islamic departments if he has not impregnated his "chap chen kia' gene to any bohsia. His own parents and relative cannot claim a single cent anymore from this traitor even after cleaning.

RipTuan Tee a pro UMNO scumbag are actually a created by product to contra to a Genuine Chinese convert Encik Anuar Tan of PAS. "A True Chinese convert who sacrifice his own status to help and praying for his own communities not to gain popularity"

Anonymous said...

What is the word Tee doing in his name? He should drop the Tee if he no longer considers himself a Chinese!

Bawa "suay" kepada semua keluarga Tee!

Anonymous said...

Well, I pity this chap "Ridhuan Tee Abdullah" now that he has to forced himself to be a Malay from Chinese roots. Its not easy to be accepted by Racist UMNO Malays, in Malaysia.

Its got nothing to do with religious belief - Buddhist or Islam, but only DUMNO.

Anonymous said...

Well, I pity this chap "Ridhuan Tee Abdullah" now that he has to forced himself to be a Malay from Chinese roots. Its not easy to be accepted by Racist UMNO Malays, in Malaysia.

Its got nothing to do with religious belief - Buddhist or Islam, but only DUMNO.

Gukita said...

Nothing is permanent except change???

Too much is being said about this maxim without actually thinking seriously about its truth..

- Man's greed seem the same before and now..
- Man's protective spirit over his family is also a constant..
- Animals were naked before and still the same, barring those circus animals..
- Maverick is forever a cynic... nothing change.. :-)

Anonymous said...

X : " must i still remain as chinese kalau sudah jadi olang islam !? "
aiyah, dog ...oops, dok..tor , usah
bermain api lagi lah !!

Anonymous said...

hey, dis dogtor a copycat too ?

Anonymous said...

What a joke! Here's a Chinese who is trying to be more Malay than a Malay...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a pork eat muslim try to be more muslim than actual original muslim, shame of for his fore father, this is what people said,know a bit try to be lan si/pan toi piu.Any how what he try to please the umno, the end he is still not bumi putera status, his children will only gain bumi putera status after this stupid muslim die, as he is still the first generation of converted muslim, he can only be call cina umno dog.

Anonymous said...

Tee bugger is just an opportunist , I bet when the Malay do not enjoy the current privileges, the scumbag will instantly transform himself back to a Chinese again and may even leave Islam altogether as there are no more "kangtou" !

Anonymous said...

The idiot thinks by merely converted to Islam, he suddenly become a Malay overnight.
I challenge the scuzz to go to NRD to get the Tee sir-name disappear from his IC so that he can be a 100% Malay.
In this way the Tee clan also won't be embarrassed by the scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Nur wenn man dran glaubt..

Anonymous said...

Drinking alcohol is more haram than eating babi. Never heard that entering churches is haram....he must be trying to be a prophet...or more like phyco prophet.