Thursday, December 24, 2009

Najib and the Harmony Paradox


Oops! but please tell that to Utusan Malaysia and those who were contemptuous with the cow head. And also those others who preach at the BTN.

I was "extremely surprised" when being told that they teach in BTN that "the Chinese hid and buried secret nuclear weapons on their parent/relative grave in preparation of the day of Armageddon."

I hope so as that may save the world from war and extinction.


Anonymous said...

"buried secret nuclear weapons on parent grave"....? wow!!!! chinese are really advanced huh, with small plot land where to stage the nuclear reactor... BTN indeed 'Bodoh Tetap Nyanyok' hoh.

Anonymous said...

dis chinese word = a mouth beside a a padi stalk = aku (ONE-malaysia) makan all the harvest la !!

Anonymous said...

that chinese writing like 'Altantuya got hanged on tree' and then 'boxed in coffin' right?????

look at it and look at najib face; smiling Altantuya dead and case closed.

Anonymous said...

...hehehe...they think i write a chinese word means i like ...hehehe,
umpteen years ago wen i was the youth leader ...hehehe...@#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

Those balls-lickers stand beside him
cheering & clapping ....@#$%^&* !