Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nazri tells Utusan: "STOP BEING RACIST"

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz condemn Utusan Malaysia for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country.

“They should stop it because how would we (the Malays) like it if people say that Malays are lazy and stupid? We would also get angry. Don’t do to others what we don’t want others to do unto us,” the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department told The Malaysian Insider.

Nazri had earlier castigated the Malay daily for defending the controversial National Civics Bureau, or Biro Tata Negara (BTN), for its courses which he said were racist.

“And more so now, under the prime minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and 1 Malaysia, we must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country,” he added.

“I have reiterated that we must learn from Nicole David and other athletes. It is not acceptable to be a racist in 2010. It does not matter if we keep saying that we are not racist if our actions show otherwise. Enough with racism already.

“50 years after Independence, where are we headed to? Are we still going to deny that the Chinese and Indian community have any right to stay in this country? I think it is outdated,” Nazri added.

Nazri added that Malaysians can longer accept categorising minorities with derogatory names.

“Malaysians, including the Malays, can no longer accept calling Chinese as immigrants and Indians with derogatory terms like ‘keling’.

“I think that if we want to act on a few that question Malay rights, then we should attack them only but not the whole community. If there are one or two individual Chinese or Indians that question Malay rights then we attack them only. We should not label the whole community as anti-Malay.

“As an elected representative, I know that that all the races are enjoying good relationships, so we should not take one or two bad examples as a basis to attack the whole community. I cannot agree with that. I am very much against racism. I hate racism,” he explained.





Anonymous said...

what about chinese newspapers? they too should stop being racist. kung fu, shaolin, tai chi and silambam also must be banned like silat? what is wrong with everybody now. is there any malaysian who is being deprived from praying, working, traveling, fasting, eating, drinking, dating and so on? i don't think so. we are happy living here. stop poking what is already up there. once it's dropped all hell will break lose.

Anonymous said...

For all the poisons he spewed in the past, I find it difficult to accept he's a changed man with this very fair remarks.

Me thinks he's doing it for his own political survival. Given that Najib is politically almost in "ICU" while moodin and hisap-puting catering to mostly malay nationalist crowd (which might be good enuf for next GE), Nazri figured he must win over larger malaysian crowd to survive.

I'll give him the benefit of doubht for now. Hope he'll continue with such quality stuff.

moo_t said...

Dear Anonymous Dec 17 1:02 PM
Go find a good guru since you can't differentiate cultures and racism.

Dear Anonymous 1:51 pm
Perhaps Chinese call "singing white face, singing black face" describe this the best. Nazri can give cheap talk and deliver nothing, same as Najib 1Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Naz(r)i has changed. He is probably getting ready to jump ship.

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