Monday, March 08, 2010

Chinese Virtue: Chinese will not take what don't belong to them

Chinese will take over the country? Nah! They won't, and need not.

History bears evidence that Chinese were the first to discover America and China were trading with all South East Asian countries during the Ming Dynasty; yet they did not conquer any one of them. Portugal conquered Malacca; Dutch conquered and ruled Indonesia; British and Japanese ruled Malaysia; French ruled Vietnam; Britain ruled India; etc, etc. China? They remain what they were. China even betrothed their Princess to the Sultan of Malacca and sent Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat to protect the Sultan from Siamese.

Taking cock is easy for the fiascoes. The Malay Sultanate were subdued by the British and the Japanese and the Chinese remain what they are.To Chinese, integrity and honesty are paramount and they will not be as greedy as those others who defamed them. We have our honor and leave us alone for we work hard to earn our wealth and we keep them, save them and save them for our children future. We do not need NEP, AP or those other privileges which mentally handicap people need.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

what talk cock are you talking about?

Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were sent by China?

On what proof are u saying this?

Those men were Malays la u idiot.

U dont need anything, then u dont need political party representing you lah.. what for? u guys are self reliant what...

ad please, stop harrasing the education system with more vernacular schools..

this is Malaysia. Only national schools should be allowed.

Moo... said...

Ha ha do Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat sound like Malay names?

Maybe there is a typo error, it should be Handtuah and Hangjebat or even Hang bin Tuah and Hang bin Jebat?

KIMHO8 said...

Another good one :)

KC said...

Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat hmm... Hang Li Poh(the Chinese Princess)

That makes sense!

moo_t said...

Thinking of conquest and conquering are outdated COLONISATION mentality. After World war 1, western world stop doing it, except few country that can't let go such as British, German,Japan. And WWII just a shock to remind that colonisation no longer works.

IMHO, umno and its outer ring organisation such as perkasa still have the colonisation mentality. They refuse to growth up to face it.

Anonymous said...

again very true...
honestry and integrity... that one not sure lah, because MCA Chua Soi Lek Wee Kah Siong & Ong Tee Kiat been giving bad examples lah.

Mud said...

“This is why Chinese NGOs, such as Ziong Dong and Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce, are using this chance to make demands of the government. If their demands are not met, then they will vote Pakatan Rakyat who are willing to give everything to the Chinese,” he elaborated in his presentation


An oxymoron. !

Anonymous said...

Yes, chinese have principles.They have integrity.They do not need the 'tongkat'. Teach a chinese how to fish and he or she can survive anywhere. We earn by the hard way. We dont expect hand-outs.This is what have been taught by our forefathers.

Anonymous said...

TQVM for the post which I think is your opinion as the MI post showed otherwise.

As you said 'We do not need ...' but we also have to face the 'other' facts that clearly shows the Chinese are holding the economies of Malaysia.

Putting these 'facts' and getting all our political and non-political top guns, can get come to an agreement on how to move forward ?

Dreaming may be but it need to be done now!

Nani Cheras

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.43
That's right Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat couldn't be Ngajeni bin Remote Control or Ngajeni bin Third Generation right? Why not you prove
Hang Jebat, Hang Tuah is not Chinese.
Cannot comprehend the history here due to too much twisting and turning. Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Nani cheras, r u out of ur mind ? u said the Chinese holding Malaysia's economy ? they r holding my balls I think,u better check who hold all the HIGHways, Banks ,TNB , Centrebank,all communications ,daily consume RICE , Petrols , kentucky , mcdonalds, lot lot more ,

Anonymous said...

we bangsa Chinese bukan 'robbers' lah !

Anonymous said...

one thing Chinese Amoys make life in bed very exhaustive and stress-relieving.

they simply keep themselves well neatly and flat tummy too! anymore of those from China are welcome, anytime.

Anonymous said...

Chinese? What? Hokkien, Hakka, Hailam? British? Welsh? Scots? or Angles? or Saxon? French? Gauls?Malay? Champa? Bugis? Riau? Jawa? Minang? Patani? Or go back even further Taiwan and Yunan.

This is issue of race only arise because people insist on sticking to their original ancestories. The day we put ourselves as Malaysian first is the day we become more like Americans or British.

Judging from the comments here, I guess not in our lifetime.

The Malays. Chinese and Indians in this country put their race first then their nationality. That is the problem.

Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and Hang Li Po gave rise to the Babas. The may have been Chinese once but they are now Babas. Some call it fussion or assimilation. Americans call it the 'big melting pot.' And that is how nations are built!

Then again do we want to be like Americans or British? Is it so wrong to be racially divided?

Only when we start seeing races as a culture will racial issues subsides. Anthropology suggest that Chinese and Malays derived from the same ancestory. Too bad we only see color.

Anonymous said...

he is lagi afraid & jealous of ONE muslim Chinese RT getting more popular within the malay community on agama !

cram said...

Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Taksuka,....Hang Main Juah Juah...
hang..Ha Ha Ha

lim kok weng said...

chinese will not conquer???
think about the singapore land that once belong to the people of malaysia fall into LEE KUAN YEW...a CHINESE.(full stop)