Thursday, March 11, 2010

Journey of Life - a last passage to completion

As we journey along the road to our destination we get nearer and nearer to that desired destination. And as you get nearer, you feel more excited and anxious. However, along this long and arduous journey, we now begin to pass through the lights of the dawn with our energy sapping and the body weakening in anticipation of the expectations. It is made worse by the presence of doubts and impatience emitted from others who travels with you. My energy is depleted and I had to deal with all those who lacks patience. I know we are about there; but I don't need additional weights. Either, we continue that last passage together, or, I will journey the last passage myself.

I am not doing this for myself; it's for those underprivileged who had prayed for help and I took this divine order to do it for the benefit of those deprived children of the land.

Will I also give up? Maybe, I guess I had to, because I don't need to do it. But, that's an order from above ... I am confused and uncertain of myself.


Singam said...

Whatever journey you undertake is always on one's own. The presence or absence of fellow travellers is incidental.

If your companions add value and make your journey more pleasant, enjoy their presence. However, if their presence is a disruption, do not allow it to affect you. And do not let them hinder you.

Continue on the course that you have set. If they choose to come along, that is their call. If they choose to fall behind, that too is their choice. You owe them nothing and they owe you nothing.

Maverick SM said...


Thank you, my dear Singham for the kind and considerate advice. I feel better now.