Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Judi Bola - akan datang ke tanah air!

Football betting and sports betting will be legalized soon in the Islamic country of Malaysia.

It is reported that Berjaya Corp Bhd may get the approval from the Islamic government of Malaysia to operate sports betting activities although it is unclear which betting system will be used.

Betting football is legalized in Singapore since 1999.

So far we have not heard any objections from Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir. PAS would surely object this approval.

I think Berjaya will surely put up a big notice board declaring: Judi adalah Haram untuk semua Muslim dan budak budak berumur 21 kebawah. Lain-lain kaum nak judi, semua yang sudah lebih 21 tahun ok! This way, it should be semua ok-lah.


samson said...

Can you imagine how much money has passed from minister to minister just to get this legalised?

The persons who are getting this rezeki from above are screwing the poor rakyat again.

Anonymous said...

Gomen need Betting industry to spur and pay off Pakatan Rakyat Member of Parliaments (MP), that's all. Common sen reasoning lah!