Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gambling license is no problem; silent from Mahathir & Ibrahim

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Kutty was a quiet man today, keeping mum about current issues plaguing Premier Najib Abdul Razak's administration.

He sidestepped nearly all questions shot at him by reporters, simply smiling and shrugging when asked about issues that would normally elicit at least a smart retort from the political veteran.

Unlike his fiery attacks on his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi which would have taken up a good half hour at any given press conference, Mahathir spent barely five minutes to dodge all the other questions that went his way this time around.

When asked about the recent deal between Malaysia and Singapore to move the KTM station in Tanjung Pagar to the border industrial zone at Woodlands, Mahathir simply said: "I don't know what the agreement is about."

He took a further step back when asked for his opinion on the proposed sports betting license mooted by Najib's government, shrugging as he replied that it is "up to the government to decide".

Mahathir just could not deal with questions regarding Vincent Tan and about Sports Ascot betting license. He couldn't shout loud as he used to be. It must be difficult for him to talk about Vincent and the Gambling license. There's no Malay Agenda nor Ketuanan when Vincent is part of the game. Maybe, you should ask Muhkriz what and how it's possible to get his father to behave.

Meanwhile, Malay Special Rights Loudspeaker Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali has been silent on the issuance of a sports betting license.

However, Ibrahim claimed he had spoken out against gambling in a statement carried by Astro Awani when the issue first arose.

Ibrahim Ali argued that, in both the Pakatan-controlled states of Selangor and Penang, 4D gambling outlets like Magnum, Toto and Damacai are operating freely.

Ibrahim did not explain the fact that the authority to approve gambling licenses is a federal power vested in the Finance Ministry.

Ibrahim Ali, when contacted, said that PAS does not have the 'right status' to debate with him on the gambling license issue.

"Let PAS debate with Umno, that is their match. The Perkasa president can debate with (MCA president) Dr Chua Soi Lek, (DAP leader) Lim Kit Siang or (Gerakan president) Koh Tsu Koon." he said.

Would they, and in particular, Ibrahim Ali, invite Vincent Tan to the debate forum? Would Ibrahim dare to challenge Vincent on the Ketuanan issue? I don't think so as Vincent is his boss. Money is power; and you can shout and cry about ketuanan or anything else; asked Ibrahim and he can tell you why.


hasilox said...

Ketuanan melayu? Hahaha....the tuan's name is ringgit! That is crooks' rule

denzook said...

where got. mahathir just said dap should stop playing angel and use this as politic gain. look at their distant cousin pap at down south where dap always use as reference - they too legalize football betting, and recently casino....

Anonymous said...
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