Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vincent Tan and Ibrahim Ali?

Was Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali instrumental in assisting Vincent Tan and Ascot Sport to get the gambling license?

You should investigate.

Vincent Tan is extremely happy with Ibrahim's rhetoric. Najib has to give something to Vincent because Ibrahim know how to get the Malay rights for the Chinese gain.


You know why the Chinese can always gain from Malays? Ask Ibrahim!!!



Sammy said...

Wonder how much this Perkasa dog will get from his Chinese masters? All his talk of Malay power is just a diversion to take away the attention of the Malays that he actually is an undercover lapdog working for the chinese!

Moo... said...

The two are only lap dogs of UMNO.

Just think, is it possible that those UMNO goons let Vincent Tan pocketing the more than RM 500 million proceed from the sale of Ascot to Berjaya??????

Ha ha ha .......

Anonymous said...

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