Saturday, June 05, 2010

Khairy will rescue Gaza & defeat the evil regime

Israeli Commanders and Navy Seals were simply shaken and sweating profusely when they heard Prebet Khairy issuing the following ultimatum:

“If another attack happens, we [Malaysian] will rise. I am sure the [Malaysian] people here will sacrifice our lives to fight for this.”

Askar Khairy assured everyone that:

“if Israel attacked another ship heading to Gaza, the Zionist regime would have to deal with him.”

"We will not only demonstrate, but we will also make sure that we go to Gaza to defeat the Israeli regime,” said Khairy, who graduated as a "private".

"We are ready to go there ourselves to help in Gaza. We hope the Malaysian government allows more ships, 10, 20 or even 100. We want to open the eyes of the world to what has happened,” he added.

On whether he will be proposing for more ships to be sent to Gaza, Khairy said he will discuss this with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and other NGOs such as Perkasa.

"Our fight doesn't just stop here. Imagine if 100 ships from all over the world go over, how can they stop us. If we have strength in numbers, Umno Youth and everyone will all go," he said.

Asked if he is prepared to go, Khairy replied: "Of course."

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Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin had recently enrolled for the month-long Territorial Army programme. He graduated with flying colors and Negri Sembilan MB Mohamad Hasan presented him with the best overall and best academic awards.

Khairy said the foot-drill was the toughest as he had to go through several hours of training under the blazing sun. Malaysian sun is really hot and it is surely tough for the trainees.

Now, the Prebet is ready and able. He is willing to lead a battalion to Gaza to defeat the Israelis, should Najib agrees to sent 100 ships.

"Khairy is coming to the rescue of the people of Gaza and he will spearhead the demise of the Israeli regime" (quote here). Many suggest that he should also invite Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali to travel with the battalion of ships to Gaza. It would surely scare the shit out of the Israeli commandos. But Ibrahim and Mahathir had yet to enroll for the Wataniah training and may not be able to withstand the tough training under the blazing sun. However, someone suggested that this can be solved as we have umbrellas which can be used to shield the sun.

Whatsoever, we condemn the actions of the Israeli commandos for their actions on board of Flotilla. Whatever the reasons, they should not kill those unarmed human who were doing humanitarian works. And I must applaud Prebet Khairy for his bravery.



A Voice said...

Hahahaha ....

Ritznest said...


Maverick SM said...

My dear friends,

This is no laughing matter. It is something virtuous and full of sincerity from our trained prebet.

Anonymous said...

Stupid. Wanna fight, ask Khairy to go and stop talking nonsense. I for one, am not in support of this.

Ritznest said...

No offence Mave, but I haven't stop laughing yet...hahahahahahahahhaha........

Maverick SM said...

My dear Ritznest,

Laughing in itself is okay, as long as you laugh as if our battalion chief with our hero Ibrahim have won the battle over the enemies. Brave people are not easily discovered, what more they come forward to sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

perkasa people & dr. M should train at nite , NOT hot wat !!
ALL the ships ALL over the world ???
kj cant even get a sampan from s'pore
lah !

Anonymous said...

we con the world : Turkish aid to Gaza & the truth will never reach your tv !

Anonymous said...

hey, kj has forgotten about the unsinkable submarine lah ...pls tell him NOT to use sampans , ok ?

Jati Diri said...

One thing for sure MUKHRIZ MAHATHIR was there facing the Israelis.

ha ha ha ha ha

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

If really wanna fight no need to go so f*cking far.
Myanmar is nearer. Go fight the Myanmar military.

It really wanna help , no need to go all the way to Gaza.
Malaysia have thousands of refugees from Myanmar.
Help the Myanmar refugees, as they are already here.
"Gajah diDepan mata tak nampak"
Bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Ah Khai has a pair of nuclear marbles hidden in his underpants. He will explode them in Ashdod when he is taken there

Anonymous said...

Don't wait. Please go now.

Anonymous said...

The Jews will die laughing (and farting) the moment they set eyes on him. That was how Medusa defeated her enemies

Jefus said...

poor fellow is playing to the gallery to fathom the strength of his supporters....his life is getting lonely especially after that minor reshuffle that Najib did,!

Anonymous said...

Haaaa joke of the CENTURY by UMNO Youth Leader.Ayoooo dai kj pergi lawan Mahathir dulu lah
Mau lagak macam katak Ibrahim Ali.

OH MY GOD ..... Thank u for create such man to deliver funny joke atleast I release my tesnison after read his joke ...Thank u badut KJ

moo_t said...

Khairy is going to defeat Irael with his 5 ultimate weapons.
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

Non-partisan said...

Maverick SM,

I've just watched the former South African President interviewed by an AlJazeera correspondent. Amongst other things, he said he could take a populist approach towards solving the myriad of problems faced by his citizens. Since housing was one of the main problems,he could even promise a house each for every South African. For that, he would then get a standing ovation. But in reality could he deliver it. He admitted he simply didn't have the means to translate that promise into reality. He might as well face his people and tell them what's the reality and what he was going to do about it.

On a similar note, may I advise KJ to be realistic. Jangan nanti kata pepatah Melayu kokok bergegar-gegar ekor bergelumang tahi. I don't blame someone who couldn't stop laughing. You're a Ketua Pemuda elected by only one-third of the delegates - behave like one. Your immediate task is try to win over the rest of the delegetes before you can even think of anything big and illusionary.

Anonymous said...

I support Khairy and his Umno gang go and fight the Israel.

Faster, faster go, go go.

Hahahahahahhaha... talk cock can lar.

Anonymous said...

yes, go-go-go with perkosa..ooops
perkasa members too !

Anonymous said...

Now you know how it feels when your opponet does not play by the rules, and has no regard for the basic rule of law and is backed by an independent international judiciary that is controlled by the Americans.The Palestinians are fighting with their hands and legs tied and those who support the other side want the Palestinians to make concessions.

Many Third World countries reflect a similar situation where the opposition if fighting with its hands and legs tied. Let us get real. We must demand the same justice for the people on the other side of the political divide as we demand for the Palestinians.

What-a-fart! said...

They will jump into the sea the moment some of the Israeli commandos fart! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi KJ boy ,pls bring along MCA,UMNO,MIC, oh don forget the HINDRAF ,if u really go, I mean REALLY GO ! don just get money n enjoy only, I will donate as much as I can to support u & ur men to purchase as many ships possible ,but don buy the unSINKable-Sub , OK ? promise ?

denzook said...

when thomas edison was trying to invent lightbulb everyone calls him crazy.
when alex bell was trying to invent telephone everyone calls him idiot.
when wright brothers was trying to invent flying machine everyone calls him stop dreaming.
small dream, ridiculous but not impossible.
at least our rembau-man is doing something, better than you people talk only no action. ini lah semangat malaysia boleh! khairy, i salute you 101%.

Kittykat Honey said...

our very own malaysian version of joan d'arc. should we call hmmmm john dark? hehehee now i cannot stop laughing........

englishLavender said...

this blog is so interesting!

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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