Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Ipad

Two days ago I visited my good friend's blog Purple-Mushroom and she's got a new iPad. Apple & Mac's products had never been something I had craved. For laptop or pc I prefer Windows & for handphone my choice is Nokia.

In 2008 my good friend Alex Wong gave me an iPhone 3G for my birthday. It was a nice toy and it's fun flipping with your fingers. Well, it's also the only touch-screen device at that time. But I had always preferred Nokia. So, in 2009, I bought a N97 that cost approx RM3,000, and I'm still using it.

Since the arrival of iPhone 4 I was toying with the idea of getting one but I'm more familiar with Nokia device and finds Nokia's phone easier to use; that's what dissuade me from switching to iPhone. Furthermore my N97 is working well and why should I buy an iPhone, paying RM2,800 whereas a 3G-iPad cost only RM2,850?

Today my good buddy Peter Ting came all the way from Johor to have lunch with me. And ... after lunch, he gave me a surprise ... my Christmas present - a 3G-iPad!

Well, that's a wonderful gift for Christmas!

Thank you, Peter, and how nice of you.

Using it wasn't difficult as I had experience with iPhone 3G and the toy is similar. The only problem I faced is - how to load movies/videos to the iPad. I managed to transfer music using iTune but couldn't do so with videos from my pc.

Well, for every new toy it will take some time to familiarize with it. With the X'mas holidays I may have time to have fun with the toy.

Merry Christmas to everyone and all of you should a nice and enjoyable holiday with your family members. I'm going for a holiday with my children too. Bye!


Anonymous said...

make sure you download vlc via itunes.

then just add the movies from your pc via itunes.

moot said...

Yupe, it is confusing. All files,videos,music, etc are transfer from PC/MAC using itunes to iPad.

Purple~MushRooM said...

Merry Xmas Maverick!!! My blog is dormant now. I am back in KL with my babies and having problems which are yet to resolve. I just want to end it. Sometimes, I miss having you ... so good to hear from you again!

Maverick SM said...


What happen? Hope you got all sorted. Have faith. Merry X'mas & keep in touch.

Maverick SM said...


Merry X'Mas!

Maverick SM said...


Thx. I can't find vlc at iTune?

Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale said...

Ipad has always been my dream, I want Ipad computer, which is working, because I was a student.

Mohd Adib Noh said...

Merry Christmas to you,Dr Yeoh.

bayi said...

Merry Christmas, Doc. Baguslah lu. Sudah dapat hadiah canggih! :)