Monday, December 06, 2010

Paradox of the Toyoed House

They bought the land for RM6.4 million many years ago.

They then agreed to sell to me at RM3.5 million.

Why? Why they sell to me so cheap?

Because, Willing Buyer, Willing Seller!

So, that's proof that the house is not RM24 million as claimed by DAP Sekinchan YB Ng Suee Lim.The house cost only Rm3.5 million!

But, that house cannot cost only RM3.5 million. How can that be possible when the land cost RM3.5m; what about the construction of the Mansion?

Em, but aren't we talking about cost? That's the land cost!

But, what about the design and construction cost of the exclusive mansion?

That, that is ... immaterial ... it is not what was paid; it's free - the bricks was from abandoned projects somewhere in Klang Valley, the laborers were Indonesians who were not paid at all as the Immigration officers arrested them and deported them; the other construction materials were samples ... and some were gifts ...

But ... there's still many other costs that would have been incurred to finished and complete the building as it can be seen?

Well, so far no one billed for it; so consider it as free lah!!!

Would it be RM24 million worth?

Well, if you asked the property valuer, today, yes lah! But if you asked me, I tell you it is not what I paid for; I paid only RM3.5 million, that's all!!!

So, is it true that your house is worth RM24 million?

Yes and No! Yes, if you asked the Valuer today; No, if you asked me how much I actually paid!

Then, what is the truth?

The truth is ... No truth and No Lies! Truly, my house is worth more than RM24 million today; truthfully, I did not pay for it - I'm not sure if there's anyone who had subsidize it, but that's not my fault as I never demanded that they do it for me or on my behalf ... I never insist, I never corrupt!!!

Is that somewhat connected to corruption of power?

Fuck you, as I am not in power now and you can't blame me as i have no power now!

Come to my clinic to support me ... I will help to pull out your teeth so that you will not talk rubbish again!!!

How much would you charge for a tooth extraction?

Em ... RM24 m.



moot said...

willing buyer willing seller, that's the trick MACC use to bleach toyol from corruption.

hasilox said...

Still got people believe kangaroo cock can cure nonsense? Better believe it, only snake penis works!

Anonymous said...

Look into the electric bill and othe running expenses.A house like that must cost at least RM15,000 to RM20,000 per month to run.

Anonymous said...

Read the charge! It's really pathetic, a BN play at its best! Toyo is charged to having bought a land with cheaper price than the previous one the seller had bought the land earlier. What kind of a charge is that? Stupid right? There is nothing wrong with selling your property cheaply! What we want to know is how did this Toyo get his 3.5 million ringgit to buy the property? Where did he get the 24 million ringgit to build his mansion? So the charge should read, "you, Mr Toyo, misused your position as the MB to steal from the state coffers!"

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bayi said...

Good satire, Doc! You still have the cutting edge! :)

Maverick SM said...


Have fun lah; don't be so serious ...


You are having great fun in life ... hehehe.


Thanks ... you kept me alive in this.

剑遥 said...

mave, welcome back!! It has been long time since i read something as good as tis....