Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A trip to Memory Lane

1993 was an important year towards my career direction. That was the year I took a bold step to Kuala Lumpur in search for a job. It wasn't my first vocation ... I started working after I graduated in 1978 but 1993 was the year that was significant to my career path. In February that year I resigned as a General Manager of a construction outfit - it was an abrupt decision (due to differences with my boss). So I decided to drive down to KL in search of a job; as without job means without income and I had no savings at all.

My driver, or should I say, my ex-driver (since I had resigned; the driver is paid by the company and should not be driving me anymore) insist that he will drive me to KL. I told him that he can't as the company will be angry and would sack him. But he insist and he said he doesn't want to continue with that company and will continue to drive me even without pay.

We drove two hours and reached KL. Along the journey I brought with me The Star newspaper and I spent the two hours journey reading the news advertisement, looking up for employment opportunity. Almost reaching KL I say a tiny advert (about 50mm x 50mm) of a company looking for a project manager for a high-rise building project in KL. I straight away called the phone number indicated and I was told that I can have a walk-in interview immediately.

When I arrived at the office which is a double-storey terrace shoplot located at OUG (somewhere around Jalan Kuchai Lama) my senses tells me that this must be a small scale construction company. I rang the bell at the door and a nice-sweet lady open the door to welcome me as she was the person that took my call.

The company has only two staff in the office - the secretary-cum-purchasing officer-cum-account's clerk-cum-office assistant-cum-jack of all trade. She does everything that needs to be done at the office except quantity surveying works which is performed by a handsome man (around 30+). Of course there was another man - an elderly man - who is the boss, sitting in a room. I was taken to the room and introduced to that man. His name is Mr. Chew and everyone called him Uncle Chew. At the interview he asked me if I had high-rise building construction experience. I told him NO but I assure him that I have the ability to learn quickly and I am confident to perform to his expectation. To my surprise ... he gave me the job with a pay of RM3,000.00 nett; which means I had to pay for my own lodging, car and fuel. I needed a job desperately and I had to accept it.

So, that was how life began ... a new beginning, a new struggle, a new job, a demotion (as I was GM yesterday then), and a new life.

That project which I was engaged to manage is Robson Height Condominium, which is near Thean Hou Temple, off Jalan Syed Putra. It was completed in 1994 and after Completion I left Uncle Chew to join Pilecon Bhd and later, Suncon Bhd.

Today, coincidentally, I had an appointment at Thean Hou Temple. When I arrived at Thean Hou, the tall building along the left-side of the road caught my attention - it's my project: Robson Height Condo!!!

The first thing when I got down from my car, is to take my hand phone and take a few shots - so delighting to come back here and see my project.

My family members were with me.

They had to hear my old story ... I had to tell them ...

The building still looks good and sound.

The management must have done a good job of upkeeping and maintaining it well.

I'm so proud of this job that Uncle Chew entrusted to me!

Anyway, coming back to the visit to Thean Hou. Actually I had to be at Thean Hou, not because I had to pray. Today is my son's day of appointment; he and Karen was to be legally bonded - we are there to witness their marriage registration.

See ...

they took their oath ...

They both swore - I DO!!!

Karen's mother, brother and sister attended.

Me, my wife, my eldest son and daughter-in-law attended.

Henry's friends were with us too.

We all celebrate! It was a great day!

I had one advice for my son Henry: From today onward, you will find that you have to earn more as your needs have been altered significantly. The wedding ceremony is October this year and I presumed that he will be a father by next year. Mine was 30 years ago ... and my first child was born 11 months after. Now is my children turn. Oh, it also remind me that I am old ... an old man who will be a grandfather soon.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
That was an inspirational piece. i believe that you are now at the pinnacle of your life, enjoying the fruit of success from your hard and honest work. In short, you have arrived.
May your good fortune continues and be shared by your children and grandchildren.

~a regular visitor of your blog~

Maverick SM said...

Dear Anon 12:29pm,

I am exalted by your words. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

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Purple~MushRooM said...

Congratulations to you, your son and your family! Hope you will enjoy grandfather-hood soon... :)

bayi said...

Congratulations, Doc. Your son's special day must be most fulfilling to you as a father. I have gone this way before.

I think 1993 was the watershed of your career life. It was so important to your personal life that it must have been an incredible landmark of your life. It's most satisfying to look back and know that you had made one of the most important decisions of your life and that had turned out to be a correct decision. Indeed it's a great story to tell your future generations about living up to their principles.

I would like to meet up and talk to you one day. :)

Maverick SM said...

Sports Jersey,

I share your thoughts. I'm because I think I can.

Hi girl, you had gone missing-in-action?


Thanks and you're empathetic. Let's have coffee at Midvalley. Tell me the time and place.

Sports Jerseys said...

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Purple~MushRooM said...

Hi maverick, not really missing in action. Busy with work and spend time with my twins whenever I have time. That leaves no room for blogging. Anyway, I lazy to blog now as nothing interesting lately except for the kids :)

*lynne* said...

Hi Maverick,
Wow, what you did took a lot of guts! My hat's off to you!

I'm curious: what happened to the driver?

(I've been really bad about catching up on blogs! I usually do end up reading them on GoogleReader, but skimming thru. This post, however, I *had* to click-thru and comment!)