Thursday, April 21, 2011

Copa del Rey Champion 2011

Real Madrid signed Jose Mourinho from Inter Milan to win titles and, ten months later, the self-declared "Special One" delivered Madridista's first trophy by defeating Barcelona 1-0 in the final of the Copa del Rey and winning the trophy for Real Madrid for the first time in 17 years.

All those who thought Mourinho’s style was not enough to defeat Pep Guardiola’s team should now be corked.

The Madrid squad tossed him in the air in celebration because they know how just how much they owe him.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores a terrific strike in extra time to seal a victory for Real in a historic final.

I had watched the live telecast of the horrible 5-0 loss Real Madrid suffered at Camp Nou way back in November 2010. I had also watched how they only managed to snatched a late 1-1 draw at Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Watching that two games, I can only conclude that Real Madrid just wasn't good enough to beat FC Barcelona. But this morning's game, Real Madrid players played exceptionally well to contain Barca's flow. The game went into extra time and at the 102 minutes Cristiano Ronaldo headed in the winner. Thereafter, it was just a matter of defending the lead.

Neither the rain, the Easter holiday nor the late hours prevented Real Madrid fans from turning out by the thousands to celebrate the Copa del Rey title won at Mestalla against Barcelona. More than 150,000 people gathered at the emblematic plaza in Madrid for the festivities.

Shortly after Undiano Mallenco blew the final whistle in Mestalla, 352 kilometers away the first Madridistas began arriving at Cibeles chanting "Campeones, campeones!" Fans continued pouring into the surrounding area throughout the night decked out in scarves, shirts and flags and filling the night air with plenty of song.

Jose Mourinho is just incredible and Real Madrid will now fight to win the Champions League semi-final against FC Barcelona.

Barcelona is not the only loser ... Chelsea and Roman Abramovich are the greater loser.

I received this wallpaper from Real Madrid C.F.

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