Friday, May 06, 2011

Congrats to Naim Cendera

Naim Cendera puts up a one page advert at The Star and NST today.

I like to take this opportunity to congratulate Naim's staff for their success.

Just like to ponder the statements in the advert:

(1) For Making Us The Largest Bumiputera Contractor in Malaysia.
(2) For Completing Almost RM4.4 Billion Worth of Work
(3) For Completing Every Project On Time Or Ahead of Schedule, and
(4) For Your Dedication To Our Vision, And Your Commitment To Achieving Our Goals

Just a few comments:

Statement (1): I'm not sure Naim is the Largest Bumi Contractor in Malaysia ... I'm not sure how they measure it but I think it would be more appropriate to say - One of the Largest Bumi Contractor in Malaysia.

Statement (2): For completing RM4.4 Billion Worth of Work - why not say - RM4.4 Billion Project Value or Contract Sum. Anyway, it's just relative terms and I am certain they had done that sum over the last 10 years.

Statement (3): For Completing Every Project On Time Or Ahead of Schedule -- I am more inclined to accept that Naim had completed most of their project within the Contract Period, which includes any Extension of Time granted; but certainly, from my experience with them and my knowledge of the a few of the projects they had undertaken, some of the projects were badly delayed and certainly not on time neither on schedule. These projects were completed ultimately; after a few extension of time were granted.

The fourth statement is a good gesture and a show of appreciation of the employees contribution. However, many of the competent and qualified employees together with some senior management personnel had quit; most of whom had told me that it was largely due to the lack of appreciation. I think the senior management; oh, sorry,It should be the boss, should re-look at his senior management team and their corporate cultures, more so, the culture of truthful appreciation, not just a statement for the advert to reflect the core values and shared values of the management and staff.


Anonymous said...

Good to here on what they can achieve now... 5 percent of 4.4 b is how many

Anonymous said...

OMG...A+ for above comments...
I once working in a project with Naim JV company (i'm in consultant side) was badly delayed...