Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hypochondriac Misanthrope

Prominent lawyer and politician Zaid Ibrahim questioned whether nominations for the Ibrahim Ali award was open to all races in UiTM, including the Kadazan and other indigenous people who have shown the same criterion of "having an outstanding ethnic awareness", or whether it was exclusive to Malay students.

"What does 'ethnic awareness' mean? Does a Malay who has the value and spirit of fascism, like (Adolf) Hitler who hated the Jews and other races, qualify (for the award)? What are the methods and activities to prove the 'ethnic awareness' of that student?

"Does the student need to talk and orate on issues in accordance with Ibrahim Ali (right)? Should the speech and actions of the student comply with the laws? Does the student, in order to qualify, need to fan the spirit and emotions of other students to hate other races without any positive element and universal human values?" Zaid asked.

Zaid stressed that a race could only advance if the community practiced progressive, positive contemporary and healthy values and attitudes.

Apart from providing tertiary education, knowledge and exposure to the young generation of the community, he said, they also need to be instilled with global, rational and scientific thought.

"A successful race is a race that can make concrete contributions for common interest. It is not enough for the race to be good in politicking, which is full of empty rhetoric, and only good in giving speech and oratory."

Zaid has suggested an award for a towering bumiputera student that will emphasize mutual respect and harmony among races.

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What Zaid is expressing is about an insidious precedence that, if allowed to materialized, may trigger a chain effect within the various communities; eventually promoting a nation of discordants, communal paranoia that are deleterious to a plural society.

There are more than ten races in our society. What happens when each race would offer similar type of award which are ethnocentric bias? All our universities will then be promoting and encouraging their students to vie for such awards and the students will have to act, behave and promote ethnocentric groupings and each social groupings will fight the other to gain popularity and awards which ultimately divides the society into classes, promoting discrimination, divisions and megalomaniacs.

RM5,000 award? That's f**king cheap; many individuals can afford to sponsor such award. RM5,000 can draw 15,000 students to desecrate a society and promote hate and satanic cult. Do we need a Hitler or Nero? No, we don't; we need only an Ibrahim Ali to sent the society to hell.

1Malaysia? What's the difference with One World Order & the Illuminati?

Malaysia, oh Malaysia, what will we be? Hypochondriac misanthrope.


Hypochondria - extreme depression of mind or spirits often centered on imaginary physical ailments;

Misanthrope - hater of mankind

Socrates defines misanthrope in relation to his fellow man: "Misanthropy develops when without art one puts complete trust in somebody thinking the man absolutely true and sound and reliable and then a little later discovers him to be bad and unreliable...and when it happens to someone often...he ends up...hating everyone."

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