Monday, August 15, 2011

1Malaysia New Vocabularies

13 AUGUST 2011


Umno Senator Mohd Ezam Mohd Nor said today he will wage war in defence of Islam, including burning two online news portals, which he claimed to be agents against Islam.

"We are saying here that we will launch an all-out war to defend our faith if they (anti-Islam elements) do not stop (and) use their agents - Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider - which were biadap (rude) towards the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais).

"Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, we are giving you a very last warning. Our warning is a serious one. If you do not stop this rubbish, we are going to burn you down!" Ezam (left) declared.

Ezam issued his threats at a highly-charged rally of some 200 people inside the compound of the Selangor state mosque in Shah Alam.

Also present were Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Nordin and Umno Youth exco member Lokman Noor Adam.


14 AUGUST 2011


Senator Mohd Ezam Mohd Nor has back-pedalled from his highly-charged attacks against news portals on Friday, denying he had meant plans to “burn” them over the coverage of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) and the controversy.

In tweets sent out today, the former opposition-turned-Umno-activist said there is no way to burn news publications in cyberspace, and claimed that what he meant was to “burn” Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider as they have “burned” the hearts of Muslims over the issue of apostasy.

“MK/MI portal news dialam siber.mcmana BAKAR alamsiber?x ancam bakar reporter/bangunan.ianya simbolik kemarahan terhdp mrk yg BAKAR hati umat,” (MK/MI (Malaysiakini/Malaysian Insider) are cyber news portals. No threat to burn (any) reporters/building. (The remarks) were only symbolic of the anger towards them for burning the hearts of the Muslim community),” tweeted Senator Ezam.



1Malaysia Vocab:

Burn can mean "burning the hearts" (it depends!)

I will Kill you can mean "I love U" (it depends!)

It depends on who said it ....

Anything can be seditious; or nothing can be seditious;

Anything can be threatening; or at times, when necessary and convenient, it will not be construed as threatening;

Then, what is apprehension? What constitute threats? What is discrimination? Check every dictionary but you will not get the right answer ..... in the Malaysian context.

The Answer: It depends; it depends on what our police want it to be construed; it depends on what the Attorney-General would have it interpreted.

Language is now flexible and esoteric! Because we are now 1Malaysia!


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