Sunday, September 25, 2011

USM Convo 2011

My sweetheart finally got to wear the mortar headgear and the robes that signifies she had finally graduated.

Today I had to be at National Science University (USM) to witness her graduation. She is the youngest in the family and the whole family is so proud of her. Of course, she is dad's sweetheart.

The future scientist

A lovely kiss for dad!

I failed to attend my two sons' convo. That was the last few years. Back then, I was struggling to earn enough to meet the family's need. It was tough then. Back then, I had to travel to various states to conduct seminars, workshops and classes all over the country and overseas. I also had to perform corporate duties as advisers and consultants. No excuse; and I admit I am sorry to my sons. If there is any way I can make up to them, I would readily do so. In fact I was scheduled to travel overseas last Friday and will be forced to miss this convo event. Thank God the trip was postponed and I finally made it to the hall to watch my daughter walk up there to receive her scroll.

I'm back to KL now and the hours of journey has drained away my energy. Good nite.



rifle range boy said...

Congratulations to you and your sweetheart!
Rifle Range Boy

Anonymous said...

Dr yeoh,

Its every parents' dream to witness their children's receiving their scroll. Congrats to you & your sweetheart.

I'll receive mine in march 2012 in OUM. Hope to see you.-mmudahlupa

bayi said...

Congratulations, Doc. It's certainly very satisfying and spiritually fulfilling to see our children achieving milestone after milestone of success in this journey of life.

Maverick SM said...

Rifle Range Boy,

Thank you.


Thanks & let me know when is your convo.


Thanks & I'm sure you'll also travel the same journey in life.