Friday, October 28, 2011

A Surprise Birthday Gift from My Son

My son, William gave me a surprise this morning:

A Golden Egg


The egg is traditionally a symbol of life and new beginnings.
The shape of the egg which has no beginning or end, stands for the cycle of life perpetuating itself endlessly.

Made from natural ostrich, goose, hen or quail eggs, the eggs are plated in 24K gold using a unique process developed by RISIS and handcrafted to perfection.

Each RISES Egg conveys the golden wish of good luck and fortune.

A Chinese Belief

Ancient China has always been full of exotic legends and the egg has always had a unique place in this glorious mystique.

For many centuries, it was believed that if an egg was placed on its end exactly at noon on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of 5th Lunar month), and the egg could stand upright on its own, the person would be blessed with good luck and fortune.


Thank you, William and I am sure this signifies a blessed period.



Anak Merdeka said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mave! Gosh, you are still a young 55, and may I add that was a very nice shiny egg you got there, hehehehe

Maverick SM said...

Thank you, my dear Anak Merdeka.

bayi said...


Belated happy birthday!

Apologies. I was away.