Friday, January 20, 2012

Balik Kampung

Another year has passed and another new year begins.

2011 was a year of tumultuous challenges and I had to accept some drastic events that was undesirable. It was a year where I had to learn that friends that we hold dear would betray us. It was a year of major decisions and though I had to accept some drastic move, fortunately, towards the end of the year, I had been richly blessed when I was rewarded with a big project assignment which will make 2012 a fantastic year. It was what we called - "Blessings in disguise" - I lost one but I gain another. What was suppose to be bad events turned to be a great happening with fantastic rewards. November 2011 was tough but December was the turning point for me. The month of Jan 2012 has given me the greatest satisfaction with so many good news. I can now look forward to another bountiful year of harvest.

Let's now get ready to celebrate 2012 Chinese New Year and have a nice holiday before we embark on a new journey in life. I will be traveling tomorrow - "Balik Kampung" and is looking forward to celebrate the Chinese New Year with all my family and friends.



Anonymous said...

Dr Yeoh,

have a safe journey home. Wish You & your family a Happy Chinese New year 2012.- Mmudahlupa

Zhan said...

Dr Yeoh,

Happy Chinese New Year to you & family. May the year of Dragon will continue move you & your undertakings into a higher level of breakthroughs & success. Not forgetting, may God grant you & every one in your family good health at all times. Cheers.


Maverick SM said...


Thanks! When graduating?


Happy New Year and how is things with you?

BH said...

Happy New Year, Doc. Here's wishing you another successful year ahead.

my may said...

jom blogwalking aje..

Maverick SM said...


Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Yeoh,

Sometime in March 2012. Waiting for OUM confirmation. Will inform you- Mmudahlupa

dee3 said...

Hi Doc,

Threats are Opportunities for the taking.

It is always bad when betrayal comes to light, but being richly blessed would override the dark clouds, methinks.

Anyways, may it be a good year for us! Is the water dragon good for the snake? ;)

Maverick SM said...


Great thoughts. I share your view.

zewt said...

Hi Mav - just in time to with you Gong Hey Fatt Choy!

Maverick SM said...


Thanks and have not heard from you a long time. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

Berisman said...

C'est la vie...we get wiser as we grow older.I know how you felt because I have been 'there'.Take care my friend and wish you all the best for this year and many,mamy more years to come../Adib