Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Day I was Born

Sitting in my study in this quiet morning, 28th October.

I looked back and recalled ...

I had already journeyed the passage of life for more than 50 years.

I had been through the ups and many downs of life.

I had experienced the joy and much sorrow along the passage of life.

I had attended schools, colleges and universities.

I had spent more than 20 years and reached the pinnacle of tertiary education.

I had served the industries for more than 30 years, earning a living so as to bring up my children.

I had my own business now and with it, the duty and responsibility to take care of my staff.

I had more to do, and will work even harder to achieve more.

Today is my birthday!

1 comment:

BH said...

Belated happy birthday, Doc. Really belated. :)