Friday, April 28, 2006

Awang said: Adnan puts his foot in his mouth

Pahang Mentri Besar told reporters to ‘go to hell.’

“But the Malays are very cultured people. No matter how angry a person is, he should always watch his mouth and actions. Losing one’s cool is not an excuse for not watching what you say, more so if you are a leader,” said Awang Selamat, the Bisik-Bisik columnist of Utusan Melayu.

Is 'go to hell' some bad words?

What about sign language?

The same man had this to show the people of Malaysia.

Is this OK?

oops!!!! Puteri UMNO nampak pun tak boleh tahan...

Well, Adnan felt Bill Clinton also did some sign language when he was President of US.

So, the Chief Minister is just acting on par with the American President.


howsy said...

Brilliant pictures! I had the one where Bush showed his middle finger.

Lucia Lai said...

adnan has the samseng look anyway. see... short cropped hair that shows a high forehead. square frowning face.

Dragon City said...

wow...he damn cool lar...

Anonymous said...

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